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2940043894120.pngOften, I write about games or sometimes even productivity apps in this space. However, I do love both variety and helping others, so I am proud that this week we're able to highlight iPrompts by HandHold Adaptive. It fills a very important niche in the NOOK Apps ecosystem – an app that provides direct communication assistance for people who need a little developmental help. It uses visual cues and prompts to bridge certain communication gaps and allow caregivers to design and present several different types of visual narratives to engage and empower their charges to make choices and communicate their own preferences, desires and needs.  There are picture schedules that can be used as templates to show how tasks are performed and in what order. There are also choice prompts that allow nonverbal selection of options that would otherwise be difficult to convey. The library of images is extensive, and can even be supplemented with pictures that can be downloaded from the internet without leaving the app! While it is often associated primarily with developmentally challenged individuals, iPrompts is also useful with preverbal infants and toddlers – it is never too early to build and reinforce communication and developmental skills. The app is on sale for $9.99 now in recognition of Autism Awareness Month so there is no better time to buy iPrompts!

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by Wayfarer58 on ‎04-24-2012 08:52 AM

Purchased this app and tried repeatedly to download it to my NC, all unsuccessful, obviously. Called B&N, after 45 minutes, they wanted to replace my NC. Ended that call. Called again, tech walked me through a few things including downloading another app and a book, both successful. Ultimately, I'm supposed to get a refund for this app. It's a shame, it would have been of great benefit.