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iron_man_icon.pngShell-head. The Golden Avenger. Invincible. Three ways the world knows the hero recognized from comic books and films as Iron Man. I’ve been following his adventures for over 20 years in comics. However, with the new movies his origin is slightly changed – for the better, in my opinion. Now there is an awesome NOOK App to quickly catch you up on the movie history of Iron Man in a fun and engaging package. MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS: IRON MAN - MARK VII by Loud Crow Interactive Inc. presents the story from the Iron Man movies in comic book form. The transfer is amazing, with the voice balloons having speakable dialogue when words are tapped, as well as several interactive elements per page. The best part of the app is the inclusion of security tokens – find the secret tokens by interacting with various elements on each page. Once they are all collected, art images are unlocked at the end which outline the next evolution of the always-upgrading Iron Man armor! This app is a great addition to the collection of both comic and movie fans of Iron Man. The unlocked graphics at the end are a sweet cherry on top of a solid interactive comic experience – the development sketches show the next version of the movie armor, which is breathtaking. For an iron-clad adventure in the Iron Man movie universe, grab this app today!

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