The Mafia has always been a mysterious and intriguing subject in literature and film, and Rachel van Dyken was quickly sucked in when her husband introduced her to stories about the mob. So she decided to write a New Adult novel about forbidden love, within a backdrop of an irascible crime family. Today Rachel visits the NOOK Blog to discuss the inspiration behind her Eagle Elite series. The newest volume, Elect, is now available on NOOK.



I blame my husband. 


Okay, so maybe it's not totally his fault--but I think he'd like to take the credit for the idea behind my latest Eagle Elite series.  He's not a hug fan of sappy romance so he thought I should write something with more darkness…danger…intrigue. Thus, the Eagle Elite series was born. 


My husband has always had this fascination with the mafia, and the minute he started telling me stories about the original five families, as well as the background of a Sicilian mobster who had hidden out as a farmer around thirty miles away from our house, I was hooked. 


I mean a New Adult mafia story? My head started spinning. I had to write it. 


Four weeks later and I finished writing writing the first book in the series. Now that the second book, Elect, is about to release, I can honestly say I am completely sucked into the mafia underworld and I’m not sure I ever want to stop writing about it. 


Elect is Romeo and Juliet with a love triangle on steroids. I'm usually really good at explaining stories, but this one has me stumped because to explain it is to take away from the reading experience.  But one of my favorite things about this book, as well as this series, is that it's written from the male perspective. 


I love a challenge and that's exactly what this book was for me. It's not just the two main heroes’ POV's that we get a glimpse into, but the "bad guy" from the previous book. Writing in the male perspective gives an author so much freedom with a storyline;  it also makes it possible to dive into the more violent tendencies of a mafia boss as well as a made man. 


Romantically, being in the male perspective brings a sensual flavor to the book that, personally, I really enjoy as a reader and as an author. I love knowing that the guy is holding on by a thread, or that the other main character is slowly dying inside because his love isn't returned.  It makes the story more complicated, more heart-wrenching, and in the end, a lot more fun! 


I hope readers enjoy Elect as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you have the desire to dive into a Soprano meets Romeo and Juliet adventure, then you'll love the Eagle Elite series :smileywink: I know that I don't plan on putting the pen down anytime soon, especially now that I'm stuck in the middle of their world! 


- Rachel Van Dyken

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by Brotherhood_Lover on ‎12-12-2013 04:51 PM

Awesome! I love this series so far! Elect was AMAZING! and I can't wait for Entice! So glad to know where the idea came from