Few authors enjoy the sort of devotion that Terry Pratchett inspires; his fans don’t just like him, they adore him with every fiber of their being. In fact, his fan base even extends into royal quarters: in 2009 he was knighted for his contributions to literature. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy Pratchett’s madcap tales.


In The Color of Magic, Pratchett playfully skewers the fantasy genre, introducing readers to Discworld—a madcap land populated by the requisite genre characters like incompetent gods, tree creatures, wizards and dragons. Like any good satirist, it’s clear that Pratchett loves the fantasy novels that he so deftly lampoons in this irresistible adventure.


If, like millions of readers before you, Discworld leaves you wanting to explore more Terry Pratchett adventures, you’re in luck—there are 39 more books in the series just waiting to be read.


A free sample excerpt from Terry’s book is available for download on the product page now.


NOOK owners: go to shop and search for ‘Terry Pratchett’ to download his wonderful adventures now.

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by Coleyboley on ‎11-02-2011 05:46 PM

Curious how B&N can say they are selling the book for 99 cents, yet when you look at the product page for this 99 cent "book" it is only 100 pages.  I OWN a hard copy of this book and it is definitely longer than 100 pages.  These posts about "spotlight" books should clarify that this is only an extended sample.

by Charles-R on ‎11-02-2011 06:48 PM

Coleyboley: I just bought this 99 cent edition.  It's the full novel as originally published, and comes out to  179 pages according to my Nook 2e. 

by Coleyboley on ‎11-03-2011 02:44 PM

That's odd, because on the product page for the Nook book version of the same book that was available prior to this "spotlight" version, on that page, it says that the length of the book is 240 pages. Maybe the font on this spotlight version is just much smaller than the previous version so that it makes it appear shorter by about half.