"Some of the most wacky villains and situations since Hiaasen stuck a plastic alligator down a stranger’s throat and called it Tourist Season."

- Chicago Tribune



Fans of the tongue-in-cheek, quirky capers of Carl Hiaasen will instantly fall for Dorsey’s charms. Florida Roadkill features a cast of characters that would make Elmore Leonard blush, and a hilariously serpentine plot that could only take place in the Sunshine State. While I could go on all day about the irresistible talents of Tim Dorsey, I’d rather let his fellow novelist James Hall (Body Language) do the honors:



 “Florida Roadkill is a redline, juking, jiving, manic, tequila-laced triple espresso ride from north to south through the flipped out, ultra-scuzzy, bullet-between-the-eyes state of Florida. And what a tour guide Tim Dorsey is. This guy is an insane comic angel with uranium for brains and fifty heartbeats a second. So strap yourself in tight, double-check the airbag, say your best prayer, sit back and let this baby rocket you from zero to past the sound barrier in minus three seconds. Wow, what a ride.” 


If Florida Roadkill has you in the mood to take another trip through Dorsey’s very un-Disneyfied Florida, his newest book, When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State, is available now.


A Free sample excerpt from Florida Roadkill is available for download on the product page now!


NOOK owners: go to shop and search “Tim Dorsey” to download his madcap adventures.

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Thanks, JC.  I just got mine.  And, as always,


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Why is this showing a price of 9.99??

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Price is back to $0.99 so I got it.  It sounds like a good read!