How will Serge Storms be spending the holidays this year?


Checking into an anonymous motel on the gulf coast, decorating the biggest tree they can fit in the room and exchanging Secret Santa presents that he and Coleman bought together. But it’s still a surprise to Coleman because he won’t remember.



What do he and Coleman cook for Christmas dinner?

They always go to KFC (regular recipe because crispy represents an erosion of values) and extra-large orders of all the sides, especially the “coleslaw to die for.”



How does Serge react if he discovers that someone has been naughty and not nice?


They’ll wish they just had lumps of coal in their stockings. And of course the punishment must have a theme, so weapons of choice will be excellent toys of his childhood – Legos, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs.


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by HookedOnBooksCM on ‎12-30-2011 03:04 PM

I have the same issue as mentioned by Meagan_Allen.


I've been wondering about the change, myself.  Four months ago when my Nook was brand-new and I was exploring, I inadvertently ran across the 'Free Fridays' section in my oh-so-exciting shopping-interlude.  There it was, right in front of my eyes, boldly announced, 'Free Fridays.'


"Free Fridays?" I mused.  So I checked it out.  Sure enough -- one selection every Friday, FOR FREE.  I asked family members and friends who are longer-term Nook-users if they knew about this (wonderful!) feature; none of them did.  Hmm ... Should that have been a red-flag? 


Bear in mind: this was all a part of my initiation into the Wonderful World of Nook.  This was during that period when I was undecided as to how I felt about 'it' (Nook); whether or not I liked it; how it would fare in comparison to, and by contrast with, other e-readers that are 'out there;' what my relationship to it ultimately was going to be.  This 'Free Friday' bit was part and parcel of my reaching whatever conclusion was, and is, to come.


So what has happened?  Now it's hidden?  That was just a Teaser?  I have to hunt down the 'Free Friday' selection on my own, and hope I don't forget in the grind of daily life?  What is it -- B&N, Nook-Book -- are you hoping I do forget ...?:smileymad:


What if I don't own a computer, or the one I have breaks down, then what?  I can't access the 'Free Friday' selections anymore?


Not sure what to think about this, B&N ... Nook Book ....


It's not that I haven't been grateful for the freebies already provided -- and I do realize you're under no obligation to provide a book for 'free,' but  -- to have this offer in place while hiding it so we don't notice smacks of deceit, or stinginess, or some other adjective that doesn't come readily to mind.

Seems you threw out the bait, got (some of) us hooked, and then pulled a switcheroo on us.  After all, it's not as if half-a-dozen ads for other items aren't still parading across the bottom of my Nook screen on a regular basis.


Has me questioning Integrity here.