Prune restaurant sits in New York City’s East Village, across the street from my wife’s former apartment. Each Saturday morning we’d watch the intrepid brunch crowd congregate outside of this tiny eatery, lining up for a coveted table hours before it opened—rain or shine. Occasionally we were part of the patient crowd, and were rewarded with a rustic (and incredibly fattening) menu of delectables.


In Blood, Bones & Butter, Hamilton tells of a life surrounded by food, and the circuitous path she took to land at the center of the New York culinary world. The central memories of her rural childhood are filled with the enormous parties her parents would host, with 200 friends and family congregating to enjoy a feast. That early love for food led her around the world—learning about new cultures through their food—and finally culminated in her opening the critically-acclaimed Prune.


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