Hamill has seen a lot in his life. He left behind a scholarship to a prestigious high school to work in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He rose to prominence as a beloved and respected journalist and newspaper columnist.  And he was one of the men who wrestled the gun from assassin Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Robert Kennedy.


But like many writers of his era, and many before and since, Hamill’s exploits were often fueled by the bottle. In A Drinking Life, he takes a hard, honest look at years of imbibing, and his long road to sobriety. The beauty of this book—besides Hamill’s sure-handed writing—is in his ability to find the balance between glamorizing and demonizing the effects of alcohol. So from his early years as a Brooklyn teenager using alcohol for liquid courage, to a stint in Mexican prison, to his realization that his addiction was preventing him from being the father he needed to be, Hamill thoughtfully explores the many stages of his lifetime struggle.


Once you’ve read A Drinking Life, you’ll have a new perspective on Hamill’s wonderful collection of novels as well.

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