Sorry to tell you, elephants—your moment is over. After a few years of pachyderm titles dominating the bestseller list, there’s a new hot mammal in town. Tigers are the new literary “it” animal. To help you decide which recent tiger release is for you, I offer a primer:






Are sweeping epics full of unrequited love, twists of fate, and heartbreaking tragedy your cup of (Darjeeling) tea?  Sarita Mandanna’s Indian saga, Tiger Hills, is the right pick for you. Mandanna’s beautiful debut novel is a multi-generational tale that follows the lives of  two South Indian friends with conflicting expectations during the late nineteenth century.



Is your copy of Lolita falling apart at the binding? Do you appreciate unflinching memoirs like Autobiography of a Face, Running with Scissors, and A Child Called It? As long as you’re open-minded and not easily shocked, you may be captivated by Margaux Fragoso’s Tiger, Tiger. Fragoso was the victim in a 15-year relationship with a pedophile, and her raw, honest, and disturbing memoir explores this issue in a way that no previous book has.


Tigers surely are burning bright in the literary world these days!


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by javabird on ‎03-28-2011 02:39 PM

Great list, Jeremy - thanks!