There’s nothing quite as exciting as discovering a great new author—it’s like making a new friend who you know will be around for a long time to come. The newly-launched self-publishing platform NOOK Press makes it easy to find your next great read from independent authors with great stories to tell. NOOK Press offers a wide range of authors a chance to reach readers like you: people who are looking for a fresh story from a talented writer. I really hope you’ll explore the NOOK Press Books collection here.


In addition to the exciting news about the NOOK Press launch, I'm also pleased to introduce the latest NOOK First collection. There are so many authors who you may not have heard of, but who deserve to be on your to-be-read list. Below are just a few that I think NOOK Blog readers will enjoy, but make sure you explore the whole collection here



When Jane is summoned to the jungles of Thailand to investigate a ruined temple and an artifact rumored to have great power, the Soul Stone, she must enlist the help of helicopter pilot Matthew Hawk. She finds him equal parts intriguing and maddening, but he’s the only person brave enough – or crazy enough – to fly her in.  The only thing Jane knows for sure is that the stone is special … special enough that men have been killed over it. And Jane and Hawk could be next.


Is it really possible that the renowned author of The Yearling faked her own death in 1953?


A wrong turn down a remote Florida backwoods highway turns into the ride of a lifetime for Emily Weaver, a university librarian, when she mysteriously discovers a manuscript written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, dated years after the beloved author’s death. Emily unwittingly begins a treasure hunt in a world that is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and it is a hunt that could not only change her life, but the landscape of the entire literary world.


While setting out to play matchmaker for her mother, Lady Charlotte meets a rugged, handsome stranger who saves her from a thief in the street, but her heroic rescuer soon turns out to be more mysterious—and dangerously captivating—than any man she has ever known.



Fifteen-year-old Ashley has a complicated life. There’s no doubt her overachieving parents love her, but they are wrapped up in their own worlds for so much of the time it leaves her feeling like she’s alone.

Like a lot of teenagers, Ashley dreams of other worlds, but unlike a lot of teenagers her world is about to collapse as rifts to an ancient Fae Kingdom begin to open all around her. With the arrival of of a supernatural hit-squad intent on killing her, and an unexpected inheritance, Ashley’s London is about to become a magical and mysterious warzone where the prize is Ashley herself.



Winner of the coveted Bram Stoker award, Gary Braunbeck’s Destinations Unknown is a collection of original dark fiction concerning itself with people, cars, and the open road.


A man is sent to deliver an old woman's body to her hometown, but when he arrives, the city is not on the map--and soon he finds out why. Another man who has hated cars all his life finds himself stuck in a traffic jam on a sweltering hot day...a very different type of traffic jam. Then a businessman on a long road trip comes to a long and lonely stretch of highway where every sign he passes orders him to MERGE RIGHT. There are no exits in sight, no other cars, no sign of civilization...and there is something very strange about the scenes appearing in his rearview mirror.

by ebbyh on ‎04-18-2013 10:06 AM

these books sound like they will be great reads. i love a story with a good plot and strong character that you can believe in. i hope that a few of these make it to free fridays

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎04-18-2013 02:46 PM

Thanks Jeremy and Nook for this great looking list