“Humphreys' skill with historical fiction is apparent on every page.”

-Publishers Weekly



Some historical events get all the attention: Prohibition, the Tudors, and World War 2 seem to get the book, movie or TV show treatment every month. But sometimes it’s refreshing to learn about an often overlooked event through the lens of an engrossing historical novel. In A Place Called Armageddon, Humphreys brings to life the hard-fought Muslim campaign to overtake Constantinople in 1453.


Like all great historical fiction, Armageddon puts a human face on a larger-than-life conflict, as Gregoras, a man wrongfully banished from Constantinople, returns to defend it from the intruders. But it’s more than just the 100,000-strong enemy forces that are making for an unpleasant return; Gregoras’ brother has stolen his beloved Sofia, and taken his son for his own. While the fearless warrior fights to protect his city, he wages a personal war to regain his honor and take back that which is rightfully his.



Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what C.C. recommends:


Reporting the Revolutionary War by Todd Andrlik


This is the kind of book that makes my job so much easier - and entertains as it informs. It's the people who make history - and here they are, heroes and villains and everyone in between. A great read.



Tell Me: What's your favorite historical event to read about?


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i don't know about everyone else, but i download all of the freebies.  even if it is something i may not think i am going to read right away.  the folks who pull the book links together for us put their time & effort into it and i am going to take advantage of it (in a positive way of course!).  now i just need to get my shelves organized...

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Thank you all again for the weekly (and daily) updates, I am amazed by all the wonderful works I have been introduced to by this blog. Have a great weekend!

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thank you all for your hard work in posting these free books for us.   it is very much appreciated.

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Thank you!  I agree with the others that finding FREE books on a Friday afternoon is such a treat.  For those of you who post FREE books, I want you to know that your time and effort is greatly appreciated! 

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The people who give a low rating for a FF book that they don't like are pure idiots. They are messing around with somebody's livelihood just because they want to pout. I have around 700 books on my NT and have paid for maybe 20. That's pretty good odds, and whether I like the ff selection or not I still find more books than I read. I sometimes get stuck on a certain topic and read all that I can find on it and these are things that in the past I thought I would never have liked in a million years. Reading can be educational as well as for pleasure. Stretch your horizons for goodness sake.
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I was actually looking for this book, I loved 'The Salt Bride', so I was looking for more by the same author.  This is the second in a series, BUT it's free for a limited time.  So exciting!


A Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant


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That "other" book site, the one named after the giant river, has "discussion topics" on each book's page, like a mini-forum for each book.  I wonder if that would help by giving the peeps who feel they just have to vent a place to do so without posting a bogus non-review and rating.