Today’s Free Fridays selection is Stuart MacBride’s brooding serial killer mystery, Cold Granite.


The Scotland that MacBride creates is a perfectly cold and damp backdrop for the first book in his bestselling series. The forbidding elements set the stage for a string of child murders, and a town that demands justice at any cost.


The man who bears the burden of tracking the relentless serial killer is Detective Logan McRae, recently back from a year of convalescence after he was brutally attacked on the job. Returning to a trial-by-fire, McRae must focus on the task at hand, reassure the understandably-irate public, and plug a press leak on his own force. A formidable task for anyone even at the top of their game, and an even harder challenge for the still-rusty detective.


This series debut is the start of a long string of critically-acclaimed detective novels by a deftly-assured writer.



Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what Stuart recommends:




Moonlight Downs is one of those rare books that really takes you somewhere new - in this case the Australian outback as seen through the eyes of Emily Tempest, a young aboriginal woman, as she tries to return to her mob's traditional home of Moonlight Downs. This is a book that has it all: Murder, intrigue and some truly stunning dialogue.


It won the 2007 Ned Kelly Award for best first novel and it thoroughly deserved it too. Excellent book.


I liked it so much I tracked the author down and subjected him to what was probably one of the most unprofessional interviews you're ever likely to come across). Then tracked him down in real life when I was over there on a book tour a couple of years ago. And you’ll be happy to know that he’s every bit as lovely a person as you’d hope from his writing.


Read Moonlight Downs. Read it now. Go on: click on the link and treat yourself to a damn fine book.



NOOK owners: go to shop and search for "Stuart MacBride" to download his atmospheric mysteries.


by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎11-22-2012 08:48 PM

What a nice Thanksgiving surprise to see this week's Free Friday selection already posted!!!


It's always a treat to get the debut in a series for free.  I love getting introduced to authors and series that I've never read before!  Thanks B&N for what looks like an excellent choice this week!


Hope everyone has a chance to catch up on their reading over the holiday weekend!:smileyvery-happy:

by Baste on ‎11-23-2012 01:46 AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; I agree with tarheelgirl00 it's a great surprise to see the FF book already posted. Thank you B&N, Jeremy for introducing me to another first in a series. Also a very early thank-you to Spec, Butterflly13 & all the other posters that will be posting free books later today. Happy Holidays & great reading weekend to all.

by spec ‎11-23-2012 07:12 AM - edited ‎11-23-2012 07:13 AM
Here's additional freebies, a.k.a Free Friday's Extras, that many good people found and shared since last Friday. As usual all the books were free at the time of submitting this post, please verify the price before clicking Buy.

Surrender (Bound Hearts, Book One) by Lora Leigh
The Gift by Tiffany Reisz

Dark Fire: Deep is the Night, Book One by Denise A. Agnew

Cooking, Food & Wine
Good Eating's Classic Home Recipes: Traditional comfort foods and heirloom family recipes for every ... by Chicago Tribune Staff

Curious Folks Ask: 162 Real Answers on Amazing Inventions, Fascinating Products, and Medical Mysteri... by Sherry Seethaler

Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality by Samuel Barondes
Personal Health: What You Need to Know from Modern Science (Collection) by Michael Kuhar, Karl S. Drlica, David S. Perlin, Anne Maczulak

Mystery & Thrillers
Informed Consent: A Novel by Sandra Glahn

Religious Fiction
The Faith of Ashish: Blessings in India Book #1 by Kay Marshall Strom
Blame It on the Mistletoe (Bright's Pond Series) by Joyce Magnin
They Almost Always Come Home by Cynthia Ruchti
A Texan's Promise - Book #1 in The Heart of a Hero Series by Shelley Gray

Health, Mind & Body
Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success by Joe Gibbs, Jerry B. Jenkins, Tony Dungy

Business & Investing
Supply Chain Network Design: Applying Optimization and Analytics to the Global Supply Chain by Michael Watson, Sara Lewis, Peter Cacioppi, Jay Jayaraman
Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times by Jon Huntsman
The Rules of Money: How to Make It and How to Hold on to It, Expanded Edition by Richard Templar
Buy and Hedge: The 5 Iron Rules for Investing Over the Long Term by Jay Pestrichelli, Wayne Ferbert
Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods by Craig S. Fleisher, Babette E. Bensoussan
Marketing Strategy from the Masters (Collection) by Philip Kotler, Nancy Lee, Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer
ETF Trading and Investing Strategies (Collection) by Marvin Appel, Tom Lydon, Leslie N. Masonson


Please laurel this post if the list is useful to you.

by AKCareBear on ‎11-23-2012 07:56 AM

This is defintally on of my many reasons to be thankful I love my Nook and I love all the new books I am so thankful for Books my ability to read and the great people who bring us books thanks everyone I hope all had a wonderful thanksgiving :catvery-happy:

by Eros-Ashima on ‎11-23-2012 07:56 AM

Thanks for making the gift of a Nook continue to be a surprise package I look forward to opening each Friday. Thanks to all who contribute and comment here, it's a lovely place to spend a little time with other thrifty booklovers!

by smm2142 on ‎11-23-2012 08:13 AM

Thank you for all the new books to read.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will enjoy the days to come for Christmas.

by renczkb on ‎11-23-2012 08:54 AM

Thank you for all the great books. I still like to sit down and read with all the rushing going around during this time of the year!

by Doge_Mom on ‎11-23-2012 08:57 AM

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving


by Moderator dhaupt on ‎11-23-2012 09:04 AM

Ooh nothing better to start off the Christmas season than with a thrilling chilling crime drama.


thanks Jeremy and B&N

I hope everyone is out of their turkey coma and enjoying shopping or just relaxing on this Free Friday after Thenksgiving



by Evilynn ‎11-23-2012 09:11 AM - edited ‎11-23-2012 09:12 AM

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for the great books. YAY, reading for the long weekend! :-)

by Greg1966GS on ‎11-23-2012 09:13 AM

Nothing better than a Black Friday Free Nook Book!  Thanks for the great selection this week.

by bookaholicme on ‎11-23-2012 10:19 AM

Hope you all got to enjoy time with family and friends on Thanksgiving.  And that we now all get to settle in for some quiet time alone with our other little friend ... Sir Nook!  Thanks for all the great freebies all year!  Keep 'em coming, everyone! :-)

by butterflly13 on ‎11-23-2012 10:41 AM

This week has been so supper busy this is the first time I have sat in front of the computer all week, I am so sorry that I have no list today, but I am looking forward to starting the mystery offer from this week. 


Happy Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you are happy, safe, and with loved ones, and thank you to those who fight for our country and can not be home for the holidays. 

by JT1969 on ‎11-23-2012 10:42 AM

Thanks to B&N and everyone else for all of the free reads!


Here's the link to a romance from one of my favorite authors:

Aphrodite's Kiss by Julie Kenner

by GoCats on ‎11-23-2012 10:51 AM

Thank-you for some more good mystery reading.  As we finish up the leftovers and just exhibit sluggish behavior I am thankful for my gift that keeps on giving--my Nook.