“Beautiful and haunting. Every page tore me apart—and I loved it.”

-Lauren Kate, bestselling author of Fallen




When her boyfriend is killed in an accident, Wren’s life is shattered—her first love is gone, and she’d do anything to bring him back. Unlike most teenagers, however, she actually has the power to change her circumstances, since she’s inherited paranormal abilities that allow her to bring Danny back to life.


Unfortunately Wren's perfect plan has a flaw—while Danny’s body is reanimated, the person she fell in love with has turned into a zombified shell. To complicate matters even further, Danny is now digging into the circumstances surrounding his death, and his actions could put Wren (and her family secret) in jeopardy.


Garvey’s delicate storytelling and compelling characters offer an emotional exploration of first love and loss, with a supernatural twist.


You can continue Wren’s captivating adventures in Glass Heart, the next book in Garvey’s series, available on NOOK now.


Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what Amy recommends:



NOOK owners: go to shop and search for “Amy Garvey” to download her wonderful novels for adults and young readers.

by Elaine-bookworm on ‎08-24-2012 08:34 AM

Link doesn't work so I did a manuel search for the book but thinks for giving the info.

by spec ‎08-24-2012 08:37 AM - edited ‎08-24-2012 08:38 AM
Here's additional freebies, a.k.a Free Friday's Extras, that many good people found and shared since last Friday. As usual all the books were free at the time of submitting this post, please verify the price before clicking Buy.

Pitch Dark: Dark Days of Fall Sampler: Supernaturally; Fateful; Cold Kiss; A Beautiful Dark; and Eve by Kiersten White, Claudia Gray, Amy Garvey, Jocelyn Davies, Anna Carey

Religion & Spirituality
The Apostle: The Life of Paul by John Pollock

Young Adult
Brookdale and Beyond: A Barry Lyga Sampler by Barry Lyga

Handsome Bastard (Ancient Blood) by Kate Hill
Lionheart (StarQuest Series #1) by Kate Douglas

Mystery & Thrillers
The Big Sin by Jack Webb

Religious Fiction
The Pastor's Wife by Jennifer AlLee
The Call of Zulina: Book One in Grace in Africa by Kay Marshall Strom
Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman

Health, Mind & Body
Believe You Can--The Power of a Positive Attitude by John Mason

The Rules of Chess by Bruce Pandolfini

Historical fiction
Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon

Business & Investing
The Secrets of Success at Work: 10 Steps to Accelerating Your Career by Richard Hall
Global Franchising Operations Management: Cases in International and Emerging Markets Operations by Ilan Alon
The Financial Crisis in Perspective (Collection) by Mark Zandi, Satyajit Das, John Authers, George Chacko, Carolyn L. Evans
Fast Track to Business Success (Collection) by Andy Bruce, David Birchall, Patrick Harper-Smith, Simon Derry, David Ross
Powerful PR Strategies for Success (Collection) by Deirdre K. Breakenridge, Brian Solis
Extreme Money: Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk by Satyajit Das
Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods by Craig S. Fleisher, Babette E. Bensoussan


Please laurel this post if the list is useful to you.

by Eros-Ashima on ‎08-24-2012 08:38 AM

Thanks again for the surprise freebie, it makes Friday an adventure in reading possibilities.

by sarriesleepers on ‎08-24-2012 08:42 AM

Thanks for the hist. fiction this week Spec!  I asked and you delivered. Cheers!

by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎08-24-2012 08:42 AM

Jeremy, as Elaine-bookworm mentioned, the link does not work, but if you click on the picture of the book, it will take you right to it.  Just thought I'd mention that.


Thanks Spec for the additional list.


Happy reading this weekend everyone!:smileyhappy:

by GracieMae on ‎08-24-2012 08:45 AM

Great selection once more! Thank you Jeremy & Spec!

by JeremyCesarec on ‎08-24-2012 08:47 AM

Thanks folks. Link works now. Happy Reading!

by Doge_Mom on ‎08-24-2012 08:49 AM

Thanks for the great selections this week

by Lucy_PR on ‎08-24-2012 08:59 AM

Thanks for the great selections...



by judy9569 on ‎08-24-2012 09:00 AM

Thank you for free Friday and thank you Spec for the extra list.

by JfroJeff ‎08-24-2012 09:06 AM - edited ‎08-24-2012 10:01 AM






Right Behind You


The Last King's Amulet


Kill the Cherry


In the Dark



Cain's Apples



Forever Fifteen: Book I of III: The Lucia Alberti Chronicles


Young Lord of Khadora (Forgotten Legacy #1)

Sapphire of the Fairies



The Sunflower That Roared


The Grumpy Forest


Legon Awakening: Book One in the Legon Series

by Eros-Ashima on ‎08-24-2012 09:07 AM

I downloaded the book and it shows in my online library but it has not downloaded onto my Nook Color despite connecting and hitting the download thingy. I'll try again later and see if it shows up.

by Baste on ‎08-24-2012 09:13 AM

Another great list of suggestions this week, thanks jeremy, spec, jeff, & butterflly13. Have a great reading weekend everyone.

by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎08-24-2012 09:30 AM

Eros-Ashima, I am having the same problem.  It shows in my online library, but not on my Nook Tablet.  I shut it down and restarted, but it still is not there.  I tried to download it again directly from my tablet, but it says I already have the book.  Anyone having the same problem or have any suggestions?

by Prydwen805 on ‎08-24-2012 09:33 AM


Guns: Book One in the John Hardin Series http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/guns-phil-bowie/11​00403188?ean=9781605425221

is not free.