"This romantic comedy is the perfect way to pass a winter afternoon should Johnny Depp be unavailable."—Daily Record


There’s a reason that so many romantic comedies—in both movie and book form—take place around the holidays. With magic in the air and a new year on the horizon, this time of year is ripe for possibilities. Today’s Free Fridays selection, From Notting Hill with Love . . . Actually by Ali McNamara, is one of the most fun contemporary romances you’ll ever come across.


Protagonist Scarlett O'Brien is an unrepentant, daydreaming movie fanatic. Her idea of true love has always been shaped by the silver screen. So when she’s offered a house-sitting job in Notting Hill—the site of one of her favorite movies—her imagination immediately runs wild.


When her London gig starts to resemble a RomCom, replete with a handsome, but flawed, neighbor, Scarlett begins to wonder if those heroines from her favorite films were as overwhelmed as she is.


This light modern romance is the perfect holiday treat.


Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what Ali recommends:


A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry


As a Brit I was intrigued to read this romantic comedy about an American girl, Bronte, who falls in love with Max, a young British duke. I wondered how an American author would view our Royal family and their often eccentric ways!


But Megan Mulry does it with so much simplicity and grace, I’m sure she could quite easily slide into British aristocracy herself without too many problems!

The book is a fun, light-hearted take on the classic ‘Cinderella meets handsome prince’ fairy tale, but is given a sharp, modern twist that will delight for anyone who’s ever dreamt of finding their own royal suitor and living happily ever after.

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This week's selection sounds good :smileyhappy: I hope everyone has a safe, happy and blessed holiday.

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I am devastated! Dropped my Nook and someone ran over it!(probably me but I don't want to claim that). I wonder if I can transfer my books from it to a new one. Anyone have similar experience. I also wonder if I can still download.  I am just sick, sick sick! I LOVE my Nook. I Love Free Fridays. Thanks to all who participate.

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elizabeth - your books are safe and can be found at your b&n account you simply log in and your library will download to your new nook.  


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Thanks moonshadow! At least that worry is over. Now to scrounge up the money for a new one. I don't see a Nook Color anymore at B&N. What's up with that?

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