“I liked this novel intensely. A gripping read.”

-Philippa Gregory, bestelling author of The Other Boleyn Girl



Forrester is the pen name of historian Dr. Ian Mortimer, and the author’s scholarship comes through in every richly-evocative scene. In 1563, Queen Elizabeth’s England is a dangerous place for Catholics, and although William Harley has risen within the royal ranks his life could be at stake if his allegiances are revealed.


When a friend convinces William to help him hide a heretical manuscript—one that holds secrets that could topple the crown and involves the Knights of the Round Table—the danger becomes extreme. The conspiracy surrounding the manuscript leads William down a dark path—to places that he never knew existed.  


The next adventure in this spellbinding series, The Roots of Betrayal, is available now on NOOK.


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by WashingtonBookLover on ‎02-15-2013 07:52 PM

Thank you so much for Free Friday's!!! Although I don't download all of them, I do like historical novels and this one sounds interesting.  Have a great weekend everyone and God Bless!!:heart:

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Free fridays are awesome!  Historical thriller...i love it!

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My son loves the Fergus books thanks so much!

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Thanks for the children's books and to all the people in the blog who pointed them out .

Sacred Treason looks good too!

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YES, I am a HAPPY camper! Seeing the grandchildren in Texas next week so happy to see the Fergus books and everyone recommending them! And off course I love historical fiction so this will be fun, along with a lot of other freebies our friends have added. Thanks everyone! Sincerely!

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spec, i keep coming back to check to see if you have listed.  are you ok?  know there are many who count on you and WORRY about you.  :catwink:

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Thank you BN for the free friday books and a big thank you to Butterfly, Jeff and all for their contributions. I get to enjoy so many books because of you!  Thank you very much!

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great books!! thanks all

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Thank you B&N. A a huge thanks to all of the people that list other freebies the find! This is why my library is so large!

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Didn't make it on here this week before the time frame ended for it being free, but that was my fault :smileysad:  (why doesn't that happen when it is a book I don't care if I ever read?!?) Glad to know all of you are still out there and doing okay tho. See everyone Friday! Thanks for making them special:smileyhappy:

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I didn't make it on here either. I was out of town. Just looked and it's now $9.99! Guess I missed out.

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I too, missed out.  Had to work the weekend that a great looking historical fiction was the free item:smileyfrustrated:  Will hold out hope it will come up free at another time!! 

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