“A riveting and intense debut…will keep fans of grim fantasy entirely enthralled.”

– Publishers Weekly



But now the Emperor himself is afflicted with the disease, and once it reaches his face, his dangerous secret will be exposed. As he pushes the great minds of his empire to find a cure, powerful forces align to expose him and grasp power from his ailing hands.


Williams’ powerful series continues in the next book, Knife Sworn, available now for NOOK.


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by flyfishnlady on ‎04-26-2013 10:59 AM

TGIF!!!  This being the favorite day of the week for all of us "Nookies" out there!  Once again big thank you goes out to BN and all the wonderful people who take the time to post their "free" finds for all of us!


And Butterfly you have nothing to apologize for you posted plenty of great suggestions!  With your busy life it's amazing you find the time to do this at all!!  Whatever you post is always greatly appreciated!


True to my handle, I have spent the last few day in waders, pounding up and down my favorite CT river in search of trout. Having been moderately successful (yahoo) there is not a part of my body that isn't screaming at me this morning (getting old lol)!!  I plan to spend my day sitting in a lawn chair with a pillow on my lap (prop up my Nook) happily reading and organizing things.  Thanks to Free Fridays and some great 50% off sales my Nook is stuffed with books and my shelves have totally gotten out of control!  Then there's all those new apps...yep, may need to sit here all weekend!!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thanks again!


by slvrrose on ‎04-26-2013 11:05 AM

Thanks so much to Jeremy and all of you who post the freebies! I love fridays! I only have one problem: With the addition of free apps I am gonna run out of space for it all soon!!!!!! Guess I better have a reading marathon! Of course running out of space is a good problem to have!

by kieffer on ‎04-26-2013 11:16 AM

Thanks everyone for all your extra work with the free postings.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy reading!

by Evilynn on ‎04-26-2013 11:52 AM

Thank you Jeremy, Spec, eReaderPerks, & Butterflly13 and everyone who takes the time to find free books to post. You brighten our weekend. Happy reading!

by Jojo3508 on ‎04-26-2013 12:37 PM

Thank you everyone for taking time each week to make these lists. The little ones love the apps and I enjoy the reading.


have a great week!

by felicitous_dove on ‎04-26-2013 01:01 PM

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful selections! 

by ponkle on ‎04-26-2013 01:10 PM

Thank you all for the book suggestions :smileyhappy: 

by slvrrose on ‎04-26-2013 02:02 PM

Jeremy - I am having some trouble downloading this to my nook. It appears in my library but when I try to download it it tells me there is an error. I have tried archiving it and deleting it. 

by SQUASHKITTY on ‎04-26-2013 02:43 PM

Thank you ALL.

by JB62 on ‎04-26-2013 03:04 PM

I have also been unable to download  The Emperor's Knife.  I keep getting an error message about an internal error during license generation.

by So-many-books-2-read on ‎04-26-2013 03:22 PM

Thanks for the links for this week... and to those of you who have family members in service, please thank them for me and my husband. Our son did 2 tours in Iraq and my husband is a Vietnam Veteran. We SO appreciate our military!


by JamericanSpice on ‎04-26-2013 03:29 PM

Thank you

by librarydancer on ‎04-26-2013 03:52 PM
Thank you so muchfor these books & apps. My daughter has loved the Dora app from last week!
by felicitous_dove on ‎04-26-2013 05:28 PM



I too had an issue with The Emporer's Knife. I called 1-800-THE BOOK for tech support. They tried to help, and then finally said there is a problem with it, and it may take 24-48hrs for them to resolve it. So call the above number, and let them know, and see if they can help you. The more ppl that let them know there is an issue, the quicker they might get it resolved? I dont know. 

by LillieAna on ‎04-26-2013 05:42 PM

Thanks for all the great book selections! I also noticed that quite a few of us must be cat lovers by our pictures. Cats, books (and coffee) are a great combination.


I had the same error message as others noted but it was with a book I was trying to buy (one of the prequels to Angel's Ink). I am waiting until I get home to call or e-mail for help. I haven't tried to "buy" this week's selection yet.