"Full of amusing characters . . . Readers will want a second helping."

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When a Parisian auto magnate is found dead—post meal—in one of the city’s finest restaurant’s freezers, policewoman Capucine LeTellier is put on the case. Since LeTellier’s husband is a well-known food critic, she has access to the industry gossip that might just help her solve this ‘cold’ case.


While the murder mystery serves as the entrée in The Grave Gourmet, Campion’s fine attention to culinary detail offers a complementary side dish. Along the way to finding out whodunit, readers are transported to the enviable world of Parisian fine dining, as LeTellier and her husband suss out the facts while sharing a string of delicious meals.


More delectable mysteries await in Campion’s continuing Capucine Culinary Mystery series.



In today’s Free Fridays app—Animal Facts Trivia by Mobifusion—you’ll be tested on a variety of animal trivia, and learn enough tidbits to be the de facto tour guide on your next trip to the local zoo.


I spend sufficient time around kids to know that their fascination with animals is endless—but adults will also love putting their skills to the test with Animal Facts Trivia, thanks to a wide range of difficulty levels. I consider myself pretty well-versed in the ways of the animal kingdom, but I’ll admit to being stumped by many of the questions in the ‘difficult’ section.


So quiz your kids and have them quiz you—the whole family can become honorary zoologists in no time. Then move along to other challenging trivia apps and more  from Mobifusion on the NOOK Store.



Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what Alexander recommends:



Towle's portrayal of pre-WWII New York is particularly effective. All the historical icons are there like Clark's, 21, the Rainbow Room, the King Cole bar, but painted in such fresh oils it could be the New York of today. Also, the plot is convoluted enough and the denouement sinister enough to bridge the gap between romance and page-turning thriller. The Rules of Civility is a book definitely not to be missed.


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