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Johnny D. Boggs’ novel rendering of this iconic episode, which is told from several first person perspectives, is a truly fascinating look at history and the hell-raisers who defined it.


Download Northfield free for a very limited time.


Boggs epitomizes the Western writer and his recent book, Killstraight, was hailed as an "an instant page-turner" by the late Tony Hillerman.


NOOK owners: go to shop, and search “Johnny D. Boggs” for a list of his books.

by trip221 on ‎07-02-2010 11:28 AM



I'm sure most nook owners have figured this out, but I find it much easier on Fridays to go to the shop, scroll to the free Friday ad, and hit "view promotion."  From there it's a quick download.  This way is nice since you don't have to type in the author or book title.

by JoeCA on ‎07-02-2010 11:58 AM

I am surprised that this promotion: hasn't been mentioned here yet.


by DBDigital on ‎07-02-2010 12:03 PM

Yes I much prefer that method as well.  Typing in the author, while handy and I wouldn't want to be without it, is much slower.  A week or two ago when the 'free Friday book of the week' was not in the ad/promotion section of the shop I was concerned this practice was discontinued.  To my relief it resumed the next week.  I have also purchased one or two items from that ad/promotion section while "on my way" to the 'free Friday book of the week'.  So as you can see, it is worth keeping there lol.



by on ‎07-02-2010 12:19 PM

Right. Good points all around. I'll try to incorporate some language moving forward.

by Fantolay on ‎07-04-2010 12:13 AM

Thanks Paul - This looks interesting. Free Fridays like this one are so great because they introduce me to books I wouldn't normally read because they aren't really of the genres I typically read.


Keep up the good work.

by Rosalin on ‎07-05-2010 03:03 PM

When I opened my nook, pressed shop, and scrolled through the bottom "offers", the free fridays book came up there.  It was super easy and required no additional searching.  If you have a nook, that seems the easiest way to get the book.

by Rhonda1209 on ‎07-05-2010 10:43 PM

Comment from: JoeCA - I am surprised that this promotion: hasn't been mentioned here yet.



I received this as an email notification. Otherwise, not been able to locate.