screen_275.jpgHi readers. Thanks so much for the enthusiastic response to nook. We share your excitement! In fact, we're still on cloud nine from yesterday's launch event in NYC (and we'll be posting more on that event in a bit, so check back).


For now, we'd like to address the questions you've been asking about nook. We're happy to expand on nook's many features, but we'd like to get all of your questions (and our answers) centralized, in one place, so they're easier to follow.


We're going to answer some of your general questions here a little later on. But for now, visit our eBooks Help Board, where you can scroll through an ever-growing series of questions and answers about nook—and ask your own questions too. You should also check out the info we've provided on the nook FAQ page, as well as on the eBooks FAQ page. Then head over to B&N Studio to watch our nook videos, which provide even more information, along with some pretty cool visuals.


Thanks in advance for your patience as we tackle your questions.


And stay tuned for new blog posts right here at Unbound. Our digital journey is just beginning.

by LaurieTx on ‎10-22-2009 08:29 PM

It speaks volumes that BN is completely ignoring all the questions about ebook pricing being so much higher than Amazon... Until they do, I won't be gettng a nook and I won't be renewing my BN memebership next month.

by bic101 on ‎10-22-2009 08:53 PM

To Jet6253:

Now Kindle has announced that it will be phasing out Sprint and using At&T as well for its Kindle. The DX will remain for the time being with Sprint, but the international/US 6" version (the only one they sell now) will be AT&T. How well will they be able to handle Kindle, Nook, iPhone?

by bic101 on ‎10-22-2009 08:56 PM

Question: Will the Nook be able to download books wirelessly from ? Feedbooks has thousands of public domain books, and you can download wirelessly to Kindles. Will they also work on Nooks?

by Kevin on ‎10-23-2009 01:51 AM

Hi, all ... Most of these questions have been answered in the eBooks Help Board, but I'll try to hit the best of them in one message here. If we miss something, we'll get back to it. ... Or, please think about posting it over in the Help Board. You'll find it easier to match the answer to the question over there.


So, here we go:


1) We haved made no annoucements about a larger nook or an international nook. nook hasn't even shipped yet. First things first!


2) Screen size and specs are on the Tech Specs page.


3) We share your enthusiasm for Android, and the abiltiy to add apps. We haven't announced anything about that, but we hear you!


4) You can't make "folders" on nook. ... See a discussion here.


5)  Eligible eBooks may be loaned one time, for up to 14 days. While a book is on loan, you can't access it yourself. (Annotations, by the way, are not loaned with the book.)


6) We have no trade in policy, for Kindle or other books.


7) This thread has information about content types that can be loaded by USB to nook.


8) We are not offering Member discounts on nook or eBooks at this time. Here's the thread on Membership.


9) We're going to post some lifesize pictures of the E Ink font choices soon.


10) Textbooks are a work in progress. Some make sense for this kind of device, some don't. We are working with publishers to bring the biggest selection of eBooks to our store.


11) The color touchscreen is for navigation and "tools" only. Any content loaded to nook, including PDFS, will be rendered on the larger black and white E Ink screen.


12) Non-B&N content can be loaded to nook using the USB connection. You can't add this content over Wi-Fi, and this content does not sync to your online eBooks Library. When connected to your computer, nook acts like an external drive.


13) nook has free wireless anywhere on the AT&T 3G network, free AT&T Wi-Fi in our stores, and Wi-Fi wireless in other locations. Here's a discussion about wireless.


That's a long list, but it's the best way to consolidate answers here.  Thanks, all for the good questions.



by ct6671 on ‎10-23-2009 04:52 AM

Any idea when the Nook will be available for delivery to Australia??

by larryliteral on ‎10-23-2009 05:17 AM

How many accessories will be available in white?  Will I be able to get a back cover in white?  Will I be able to read using white letters on a black background?  Will the book White Tiger be available for download? 

by B&N Bookseller Alfeetoe on ‎10-23-2009 09:55 AM

While I'm very excited for the nook (something that the OTHER e-readers never inspired in me), I do have a few questions/concerns/comments.


1) You HAVE to embrace the Android OS.  As others have mentioned, it compliments and allows users to expand the usefulness of the device.  For example, look at Apple.  App store.  Pure profit.  No real tangible investment, but promoting user and developer generated content nets a portion of all profits there-in...pure profit, mind you.  It's cool that the device plays music and shows pictures, but in the ever growing market of smartphones and such, you kind of need to allow for the flexibility of the device.  Please consider this.  I'm buying day one, but further down the road, this avenue will make a lot of people very happy.


2) The lending feature.  At first, really pumped up about this, now...not so much.  I read elsewhere that the feature will be at the publishers discretion as to what books may be loaned out.  Also, one time lending?  New tech or not, this becomes less of a feature if it's a one-shot deal.  If I buy a real book, does the publisher have a say in how many people I lend it too?  Can I only lend it once, ever?  I totally agree that 14-days is enough time, and that you cannot read the book when it's on loan, but I think the feature loses a lot of appeal but limiting it's capabilities in this way.


3) The touch screen.  Multi-touch?  Gesture based?  The video from the press conference makes it seem a lot more responsive than the actual promo video running on the site.  Again, this is a huge feature if done right, and it looks like you guys are doing great.


4)  Can we only use micro-SD?  I have many SDHC cards, but one micro. 


5) How will the 3G work?  Regular AT&T service (can I tie it into my phones access) or do I have to pay for separate monthly access?


6) Suggestion about the keyboard...don't make it grid-like.  Stagger it.  Firmware update could cheaply fix this.  If the rest of it is ergonomic, why not make the keyboard more natural.  See i-Phone or other software keyboards.


7) What comes in the box?  USB charger?  Battery?  I see them sold as acessories, and I'm wondering what you actually get upon purchase.


8) I echo the sentiment of comics/manga.  Not a manga fan myself, but this thing begs for it.


9) Are subscriptions kept forever?  I ask this because the Kindle apparently deletes old issues of newspaper subscriptions, which is kind of bogus.  If I pay for it, I want to be able to refer to it whenever I want.  Please tell me these stay on the server, or that I can keep it on the device/SD card.


10) E-books I've bought previously through the B&N e-reader app...available for download to the nook?  I would assume so, consider I can get it on any of my devices. 



Once again, I'm really very jazzed about the nook.  Great to see B&N really pushing the industry forward, especially in terms of tech.  I'll be picking mine up day-and date, and putting it through its paces throughout the holidays.  I'd love some of these questions to be answered, as well as some potential issues to be ironed out.  Even with the issues, it still looks much more impressive than the offerings from Amazon, Sony, or the like.  I don't think physical copies will ever be replaced, but offering new avenues that promote the reading of works is always a plus.  The closer we get to the actual look and feel of print books, the better, and I think the nook is the closest to date.


Thanks for the opportunity!

by Willbook on ‎10-23-2009 11:07 AM

Will books on the subject of Atheism, Philosophy of Religion, the Historical Jesus and the game of Bridge (Play of the Hand, Defense and Bidding books)? Thanks.

by jasonditz on ‎10-23-2009 12:29 PM

"When connected to your computer, nook acts like an external drive."


But what is the format of the external drive? Will it require additional drivers to access in this manner? Most importantly, will it work in Ubuntu?



by RedArrow on ‎10-23-2009 12:30 PM

Food for thought...  I would be interested in having a built-in flash reading capability (or mode) for times when I feel like high speed reading.  Also, support for a stylus is desirable to me, especially if it could be used to mark-up documents in the same way that you can write on paper.

by mattMP on ‎10-23-2009 01:47 PM

@ JasonDitz:  Since they are having this puppy act as an external drive, it should work on linux. Most external drives work off of fat32 these days which is pretty standard.


Regardless of the format, due to the excitement of the release and how much geeks like me read, I would give ubuntu a week or two after the release and you should see custom nook apps! just for linux. Its almost a given.


On top of it all you can always transfer books via usb to a expansion card, and then simply insert it into the nook. So there are 3 ways to do it.. One is bound to catch, and since they are going the open formats route, I would say its 95% certain it will work on linux/ubuntu.

by YouCreateIt on ‎10-24-2009 02:01 PM

 Please discuss the ability NOOK will have to download recorded "Books on Tape" via an MP3 format.  If I have downloaded to my computer  a recorded book from say will I be able to import the audible book and play it on my Nook.  Will I be able to purchase audible books in a MP3 format from Barnes and Noble  and listen to them through my nook player? I understand this is an ereader and does not have the ability to convert text to words.  But that is rather dry even if It were possible. Ian referencing prerecorded audio.   I would like to be able to stop reading a book and then access the book via recorded audio in the car or while doing  task in the kitchen etc.  Are you able to scroll and bookmark mp3 audio files?  Thank you for any help in clarifying this? 

by larryliteral on ‎10-25-2009 07:07 AM

Will nook work in the Northampton Coffee Shop in Bar Harbor, Maine?  How can I get a second copy for Danielle?

by dbcDC on ‎10-25-2009 07:34 PM

I do a lot of reading while floating in a pool and I'm really afraid of getting a Nook wet.  Are there any plans for a waterprood cover?

by R68 on ‎10-25-2009 11:37 PM

When is international support projected to be available?