What is your favorite dish to cook for your loved ones? Susan Mallery, bestselling author of Three Little Words and other beloved Fool's Gold romances, knows the importance of treating family, friends, and significant others to delicious meals to show one's love and affection. So she wrote the Fool's Gold Cookbook - a collection of 150 mouthwatering recipes with a mini-romance story peppered throughout its chapters. Today Susan visits the NOOK Blog to talk about writing romance, the essential connection between food and community, and her upcoming addition to the Fool's Gold series.


Four years ago, my friend Debbie Macomber gave me the best writing advice I may ever receive. She said, “Write about a town.”



In 2010, I launched the Fool’s Gold romances, a series of books set in Fool’s Gold, California, a quirky small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I don’t know about you, but when I travel, one of the things I remember most about a place is the food. I think back fondly (or not so fondly) on meals that made my trip memorable. Because of this, food played an important role in establishing the feel of Fool’s Gold. Girlfriends get together at Jo’s Bar over margaritas, chips, and Life-Changing Guacamole. On a first date at Angelo’s, you might start out with Toasted Ravioli Bites with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce.


And, of course, the residents of Fool’s Gold are famous for their casseroles. In Fool’s Gold, a casserole is the appropriate gift for nearly every occasion. Someone had a baby? Bring a casserole. Someone got the measles? Bring a casserole. Your neighbors just returned from their honeymoon? Bring a casserole.


This tangible sense of place and of community is what makes the Fool’s Gold romances special, so I’ve done everything I can to extend that sense of community to my wonderful readers by creating bonus content about the town of Fool’s Gold. On the official Fool's Gold website, you’ll find between-the-books updates, a map of the town, free quilt patterns, free knitting patterns, and, on my main website, lots and lots of free recipes.


In the Fool's Gold Cookbook, you’ll find the best of those recipes, plus many more. And, because I think love makes everything taste better, I wrote a short Fool’s Gold romance just for the cookbook. The story is woven throughout chapters organized by season – a Fool’s Gold amuse-bouche, if you will. Ana Raquel Hopkins has never liked Greg. Whatever she did, he did better – he even copied her by becoming a chef! So when she goes to Mayor Marsha with the idea of creating a cookbook with local recipes, she’s annoyed to discover that too-perfect Greg had the same idea… and that the mayor wants them to work together on the project. Soon, Ana Raquel will discover just how delicious a little competition can be…


And don’t miss Christmas on 4th Street, a Fool’s Gold romance that will put you in the holiday spirit. Is there anything more romantic than a kiss amidst the twinkling lights of a small town at Christmastime?


Christmas on 4th Street will be available on NOOK on September 24th.

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by BRumsey on ‎09-11-2013 05:20 PM

I love getting to know Susan Malllery's characters, not only from their special Fool's Gold book but getting to revisit them with each new book.  And the cookbook is stuffed with so many delicious recipes that are great for making your family and friends feel special.  Delicious!   Can't wait for the CHRISTMAS ON 4th STREET to come out.