"Raven came alive for me, and I will be very sad to see her go."


Lauren Oliver’s dystopian Delirium trilogy has won over teen readers—and many adults—with its blend of non-stop action and triumphant love. With the publication of the final book, Requiem, fans will tearfully say goodbye to their favorite richly-drawn and heroic characters..


We asked Lauren which character she’ll miss most, and why:



But as I began writing, I became increasingly drawn to Raven and her stark, black-and-white vision of the world; to the ways that she uses her political beliefs to justify deception and even cruelty; to the lies she tells not just to others, but to herself. She conceals uncertainty with displays of confidence and even arrogance; she rigorously represses her past and her history in an attempt to rewrite it. Maybe that’s why she appealed to me so strongly. I can very much relate to someone who tries to maintain order in a world that resists control. I can sympathize with someone who teeters on the edge of disaster, but refuses to fall.


I think I’ll miss her because I felt there was so much more to her story and her history that even I, as the writer, was only just touching. The best stories—and the best characters—are the ones that surprise even the writer, that begin to live and function on their own. Raven came alive for me, and I will be very sad to see her go.

by Moderator dhaupt on ‎03-06-2013 11:36 AM

Thanks Jeremy, great post. Sorry to see the trilogy end :-(