Imagine you’re the mother of a young adopted boy; he’s brought you all the happiness in the world, and made your life complete. Now imagine that one day you idly glance at a milk carton and see you son staring back at you from the ‘missing children’ ad. What would you do?


That horrible scenario is where reporter Ellen Gleeson finds herself. Stuck between what she thought she knew –that her legally-adopted son came with no strings attached—and a new piece of evidence that suggests he may have been the victim of an abduction. Ellen’s reporter’s instincts leave her no choice but to dig deeper to find the truth, knowing that in the end, she may very well lose her son.


Fans of Scottoline’s other books, as well as readers who love Jodi Picoult’s ‘tough questions’ storylines, will love this value-priced NOOK Book.


A free sample excerpt from this book is available for download on the product page now!


NOOK owners: go to shop and search for “Lisa Scottoline” to download her many bestselling books now.

by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎03-21-2012 09:44 AM

Jeremy, this sounds like a very interesting book.  Thanks for the introduction to this author!!!

by to-read-is-to-live on ‎03-21-2012 06:04 PM

  I have read this book and I can say that it is good.  You do NOT figure it all out although you think you have.  I really enjoyed this one.

by Marcia49 on ‎03-21-2012 09:16 PM

I love her Rosato and Associates womens lawyers series.  Always look forward to a new book from her.

by Author Lisa_Scottoline on ‎03-22-2012 11:37 AM

Thanks for finding me new readers,!  This is why I love you AND my Nook!  And thanks to those of you who give me a chance!  Enjoy the book!  I know you'll love it!  Love and thanks, L xoxoxo

by Eros-Ashima on ‎03-23-2012 07:57 AM

I read this book and thought it was just wonderful!  Lisa Scottoline is one of my favorites!

by avaemma1 on ‎03-23-2012 06:13 PM

When I click on the free friday book it isn't free.  What am I doing wrong.  THANKS!!!

by Carma-Az on ‎03-23-2012 08:10 PM

Why are almost all the Free Friday books thrillers or mysteries?  I hate both and would appreciate a good story with interesting characters, a historical novel or biography.  I haven't downloaded a book from Free Friday in ages. Getting very frustrated.

by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎03-23-2012 10:17 PM




You are looking at this week's Nook Book Offer.  Today's Free Friday selection is also a part of the Nook Blog and you can find it here:


The book you found here, "Look Again" is being offered for $4.99.  I just started reading it, and so far, I would give it a definite thumbs-up, so you may want to consider it as well.


Hope this helps and Happy Reading!!!!