Summer reading has its perks, but sometimes it can be hard to do a lot of reading when there are so many warm weather activities distracting you. As we move into fall and winter - and the inevitable move to indoor pursuits - it's time to load up your NOOK with autumn reads. To help you get the most for your money, I've highlighted some great NOOK Book Offers that are available only for a limited time.
















Author Dennis Lehane was already a huge bestseller before Mystic River and Shutter Island became blockbuster films, but thanks to those Hollywood hits, he's now a household name. Lehane's sweeping historical novel, The Given Day, is set in Boston immediately following World War One - a time of turmoil, violence, and unprecedented opportunity for America. Lots of big themes for the little price of just $2.99. Lehane's next Boston-set historical, Live By Night, publishes next month.
















NOOK owners: go to shop and search by author name to download these great deals for NOOK readers.

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