Today’s NOOKbook offer features a $.99 novella, Love Is Murder, which finds Kinkaid investigating an unexpected murder at an idyllic ski resort. While she originally booked a room at the resort—full of canoodling lovebirds—as a getaway after a tough breakup, she soon finds herself trapped by a giant snowstorm. When another guest turns up dead, and with no link to the outside world, Kincaid will have a chance to test her sleuthing skills to try to nab the culprit before this little vacation becomes her last.


This novella includes an excerpt from Brennan’s upcoming novel Kiss Me, Kill Me, and an excerpt from an FBI interview with character Lucy Kinkaid.


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by spinndiva on ‎02-10-2011 07:11 PM

Awesome! Thanks so much for suggesting this book! I would have never come across it otherwise! You guys rock! :smileyhappy: