That’s why it’s so exciting that we’re able to offer her bestselling forensic thriller, ‘Blood Game,’ for $2.99 for a limited time. In this 9th book in the series, Eve Duncan—a crack forensic sculptor—is taunted and stalked by a serial killer. When a blood-filled goblet appears in Eve’s refrigerator, she begins to fear for her own life and her loved ones’ safety. To add to her terror, the very killer she’s tracking (...or is he tracking her?) may be connected to Eve’s daughter’s long-ago disappearance.


Once you’ve explored the world of Eve Duncan in Blood Games, be sure to check out Johansen’s latest thriller: Eve, available for pre-order now.

NOOK owners: go to shop, and search “Iris Johansen” to download her bestselling thrillers.

by on ‎03-17-2011 11:08 AM

I would rather the first book in the series was offered at a discount. I prefer to start a new series at the beginning, not the middle.


Just my personal opinion.


by MaijaMax on ‎03-17-2011 12:11 PM

@LarryOnLI - I agree with you.  They offer a later book in the series at a discount in hopes that you will purchase it (because it's so cheap), AND search for the first book, read the first book and like it enough to buy all the previous books and read those to catch up to the book that was on sale in the first place...It's a great marketing technique for those that can't figure out how to find the first book in an acclaimed series and just buy that one to start with.

by mckait on ‎03-18-2011 07:26 PM





by Book_Wurm on ‎03-18-2011 11:50 PM
I have read all of these and they do stand alone quite well. The benefit I found in starting from the beginning was watching the characters develop and getting to know them. But again, it is not a series that requires you to read all of them to enjoy the book.
by timeshadowrider on ‎03-24-2011 07:10 PM

I agree with mckait.  Her boos are good but they are the same 'ol same 'ol after awhile.