Left to die on the unforgiving steppes, Temujin -- the boy who would be Khan -- overcomes every obstacle in his path to rise up and unite the nomadic tribes into the legendary Mongolian Horde that would conquer most of Eurasia.


Iggulden’s book, which is followed by Lords of the Bow, Bones of the Hills, and Empire of Silver (due out 12/28), is immediately engaging, fast-paced, and essential reading on one the preeminent military tacticians of all time.


NOOK owners: go to shop, and search “Conn Iggulden” to download his books.

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by Pink_Maiden on ‎11-18-2010 01:57 AM

Hey Paul, just an FYI.  B&N has lowered the price even MORE, it is now only $1.59!  See how wonderful B&N is to us :smileyhappy:

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Yep, Pink; an even better price!

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The price is now $.76 for a starred-reviewed book!