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by bdrdunc on ‎03-15-2010 07:13 PM

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a great book.  It is amazing how one woman's cells could make such a contribution to medical science.  I was hesitant to buy this book initially as I feared it may be too technical and/or a boring read; however, it has been neither.  It is easy to understand and very interesting.  I look forward to reading it every chance I get. 

by JoeCA on ‎03-16-2010 11:58 PM

The author of the book, Rebecca Skloot, actually was on the Colbert show tonight.

She mentioned that the relatives of Henrietta Lacks, who's cells saved so manylifes, can't afford health insurance. That should give everybody something to think in the current health care debate..


by Wileygirl on ‎03-29-2010 11:19 AM

Henrietta's life story was short and unremarkable. What was amazing was the arogance of the medical community at the time. This book gives quite an insight to  life 60 years ago. How sad that someone who unwittingly gave so very much to medical research never knew of her gift nor did her family know until so so so much later.


Well written and interesting, I am glad I took the time to read about Henrietta and her family. It showed me some of the history of America that text books rarely cover.