In fact, there’s a developing consensus that the Western diet—filled with convenient and processed foods—is responsible for many of the chronic diseases that plague us. In The Jungle Effect, Daphne Miller, MD, focuses on the traditional cultures throughout the world that have maintained centuries-old diets, and avoided many modern diseases. Miller traveled to Crete, where heart disease is rare; Copper Canyon, Mexico, where the native diet prevents diabetes; Okinawa, which has low rates of breast and prostate cancer; among other far-flung locations to bring back their diet secrets. This book recounts Miller’s travels, discusses how she uses this native wisdom to treat her patients, and includes simple recipes that will help you incorporate some of her findings into your own diet.


If you enjoy the narrative storytelling of authors like Michael Pollan (who called this book “A fascinating, useful, and important book,”) and Barbara Kingsolver (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle), you’ll love The Jungle Effect.


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