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If you’re looking to stock your NOOK with worthy summer reading, look no further than our newest NOOK First collection—a chance for NOOK readers to be the first to get access to some hot new books.




When a priest is found brutally murdered in a motel room under incriminating circumstances, the pastor calls in ex-FBI profiler Robert Payne, an old friend, to aid in the investigation. It soon becomes clear to Payne that a subtle and devious killer is on the loose.  








Life couldn’t be more perfect for Candice Woodrow. Her gourmet gift basket company is thriving, and she’s set to marry steady, dependable Barry. There’s just one wrench in the fairytale. Two weeks before her wedding she wakes up in the wrong man’s bed. Candace thinks she’ll be able to run out the door and forget all about Michael Vogler, but the Boston millionaire has other plans for the jittery bride. 







Summers spent with her grandmothers on Blue Lake were always special for BJ. Now, years later, BJ seeks refuge in her late grandmothers' house in the wake of her husband's affair. As she relives the languid summer days of her youth and prepares the house for sale, she struggles to come to terms not only with the looming threat of divorce, but also with the Pandora's Box of family revelations she uncovers in Grandma's hidden notebooks. 







After a losing wager, the Duke of Ravenham is obliged to bring a pretty little nobody from the country into fashion among London society. The girl chosen is Gabriella Gordon, and what starts as an act of common chance blossoms into unexpected romance.  









What if Judas is still alive, hidden away in the jungles of the Amazon, waiting for the Second Coming? 


As a massive object appears in space heading directly toward Earth, the Brotherhood heralds it as Wormwood, one of the signs the Rapture and it’s just three days away. They have been preparing to implement the Great Commission as designated by Jesus—where everyone on the planet must hear the word of God before the end in order to be saved. They will use advanced technology to send that message directly into the minds of every human on the planet.  The question is:  will the message kill everyone who gets it or save them?


Believing him to be the anti-Christ, they also send a team of assassins up the Amazon to find the Great Betrayer and kill him before Armageddon. 


Opposing the Brotherhood is the Triumvirate of the Illuminati.  They believe they must stop the Great Commission and the assassination team.  At the same time they rush to gather nuclear weapons and launch missiles into space to divert the Intruder, as they call the object, believing it to be a natural phenomenon over which technology will prevail.


Three survivors do finally make it to Judas, and he tells them a story, the true story of what happened over two millennia ago.  And what is approaching…




In a bet with his younger brother, Spence Wickham joins an online dating service to prove all people lie on these websites. After a series of disastrous relationships, Spence doesn’t believe in true love, either virtual or in real life.


Pretending to be an average guy, instead of the rich venture capitalist that he is, Spence connects with six women. He finds himself drawn to the last—Annie Hopkins. Not only is she interesting, sweet, generous and kind, but she’s looking for the type of man he’s pretending to be. 


Against the rules of the bet, Spence can’t resist meeting Annie in person. After only a few weeks, he begins to care deeply for her, and she returns his feelings. But the threat of his deceit hangs over them. When the truth comes out, Spence is left to find a way to make Annie love him for the man he is.



An Irish rogue and a duke’s daughter should have nothing in common except trouble...


Though enchanted by the selfless beauty of a duke’s granddaughter, Michael—a man of many names but none his own—has wisely kept his distance.  But two years after the disastrous fire that brought Lady Blanche Perceval into his life, he is saddled with a lost, lying Irish waif and needs a woman’s understanding aid. To his dismay, the generous lady he remembers now despises him for deserting her when she needed him most.


Blanche has inherited all the wealth and responsibility of a dukedom, even if it is her cousin who wears the title. Forced to rely on her men of business to help her make decisions since she has no experience or knowledge of her own, she is at constant odds with the new duke who wishes to marry her for the sake of the estate.


When the irresistible and unreliable Michael O’Toole materializes in her life to enlist her care for another of the abandoned orphans he’s rescued—as he once did for her—Blanche doesn’t know whether to kill him or kiss him. After terrorists blow up her carriage, it becomes apparent that running away might be the best choice of all—but can they survive the pitfalls of their impossible attraction?



Crime author Cassie Alvarez had murder on her mind when she walked into Rory’s Bar under-dressed and undercover to research her latest crime novel. Researching the cool, blue-eyed and dashingly handsome man at the end of the bar stirred her senses more than she wanted to admit. But was this man of leather armor all he appeared to be?


Playing White Knight to an innocent wasn’t how Detective Jake Santos planned to spend his time under cover. But there was no way “CJ” was what she claimed to be and that nagging tightness in Jake’s chest told him he’d better take her home to safety before she got herself in trouble. Then the barroom exploded with gunfire. When the dust clears, an FBI agent is killed along with Providence’s most notorious crime boss. 


Cassie is the only material witness who can identify the shooter. But when her name is leaked to the media as his only witness to the grisly murders, the FBI wants to protect their case at all cost. Cassie insists she only trusts Jake to protect her. He gives his word he’ll protect her at all cost despite the fact that guarding the beautiful novelist is a serious distraction. But can he keep from betraying her trust?


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