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There’s still plenty of time left to do some serious summer reading. Our newest NOOK First collection is a chance for NOOK readers to be the first to get access to some hot new books.



by Amy Sprenger


From the author of the award-winning blog Snarky Mommy comes a book that will make every woman who has ever been pregnant pee with laughter (not that that’s hard). Pregnant and confined to bed for the last four months of her pregnancy Amy Sprenger put pen to paper and wrote this hilarious memoir about the trials and travails of a difficult pregnancy.






by Boyd Morrison


In 1947, ten-year-old Fay Allen of Roswell, New Mexico, witnesses the fiery crash of an extraordinary craft unlike anything she's ever seen. More than sixty years later Fay is being pursued by competing interests all vying for an artifact she took from the crash on that fateful night in 1947.







The Awakening of Ren Crown 

 by Anne Zoelle


After the sudden death of her twin brother, Ren Crown illegally enrolls at a magic university with the sole intention of bringing him back to life. But caught in a time of war, and as a mage with abilities that both sides want to harness and use, Ren finds herself an unwitting pawn in a larger game.





The First Confessor

by Terry Goodkind


Bestselling author Terry Goodkind returns with this digital exclusive novel. In the time before the Confessors, when the world is a dark and dangerous place, where treason and treachery are the rule of the day, comes one heroic woman, Magda Searus, who has just lost her husband and her way in life. 






The Lost Heir (The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 1)  

by E.G. Foley


The streets of Victorian London can be an inhospitable place, even for paranormally gifted pickpocket Jake. When he is pursued by sinister henchmen, Jake is thrust into a world of magic and intrigue. Heir to a magical aristocratic family, Jake must discover what happened to his parents, and defeat his enemies.  






by Gemma Halliday & Jennifer Fischetto


Former cover model Jamie Bond has finally decided to join the family business: The Bond Agency, a high-powered P.I. firm located in Los Angeles that specializes in domestic espionage. Armed with a team of former models "the Bond Girls" Jamie is out to catch a philandering judge, but when he turns up dead, things get complicated.  






Lost Things

by Melissa Scott & Jo Graham


In a world full of lost treasures, some are better left unfound. It's 1929 and Lake Nemi is being drained by archaeologists hoping to explore Caligula's lost ships that rest on the lake floor. What they discover is an ancient evil. Now it is up to a rag tag group of aviators to stop what has been conjured from the depths.  






The Wedding Song

by Lucy Kevin


Five years ago, wedding DJ Tyce Smith kissed the girl of his dreams. Left with only her first name and dreams of a second kiss, Tyce has been unable to finish writing a new song since. After Whitney Banning comes face to face with the man she’s never forgotten and knows she never will, how is she supposed to stop herself from dreaming again? Is a second kiss in their future? 





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by Autumn56 on ‎07-10-2012 09:29 PM

Pardon me; but their is ot one book there that I am interested in. I am sooooooooo sorry I bought this nook.