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Our newest NOOK First collection—a chance for NOOK readers to be the first to get access to some hot new books—features everything from a captivating historical romance to a chilling, award-winning horror story. Late-summer reading never looked so good.





by Thomas Sullivan


Before the world was born, there was the Dust of Eden—blood-red earth from which all else was created. The last deposit of the mysterious dust became a viciously guarded secret...until the site was disturbed. A bit of Eden found its way into the hands of Ariel Leppa—an embittered elderly woman unaware of its ferocious power...for a time. 






In the court of Charles II, being an intelligent, academically inclined woman is a liability, not a virtue. Lady Rose Ashcroft is acutely aware of this fact, and with her meddlesome matchmaking mother in-tow she sets off to fetch a wealthy, titled, husband. What Rose didn't anticipate was the arrival of Christopher "Kit" Martyn, a dashing, successful commoner with his sights set on landing the post of official Royal Architect.  









by Greg Dinallo


When a New York ad executive pulls a vintage suitcase from the trash as inspiration for a campaign she is working on, it comes with some shocking revelations. The suitcase, like its owner, is a Holocaust survivor, and the documents held inside will reveal secrets that have been buried since the liberation of Dachau. 




by Seth Kaufman


Being the brains behind a reality show about torture would be cause for concern to most people, but television executive Rick Salter has bigger problems than public disdain. One morning he finds himself trapped beneath his gigantic entertainment system with no idea how he got there and 48 hours until his cleaning lady is scheduled to arrive. Incidentally he discovers a strange book lying beside him titled "A History of Prisons" which seems conspicuously relevant given the circumstances. 




by Laura Bradford


The idyllic Jersey Shore town of Ocean Point is the quiet quintessential family vacation spot. Things are off to a shaky start this season with the discovery of a young woman's body. When the body count starts to rise, it is up to detective Mitch Burns to crack the case and restore calm. 






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Love this feature!  It's new to me, just today, so happy to have found it!