nook_product.jpgOur biggest software update is here and it's loaded with the features that have been most requested from all of you!


  • New Features

o   Sync current reading position across devices. Sync all your NOOK eReaders and devices enabled with NOOK software and apps, including iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android smartphones and PC. 


o   Customize folders and group content for My B&N Library. The My Shelves feature  enables you to organize My B&N Library and My Documents by a particular subject or theme,  on easy-to-organize, easily-accessible Shelves.


o   Password protection option for purchases made on a NOOK device.  You can now require that your B&N account password be entered before NOOK authorizes any content download (purchases, samples and free books). This is helpful for all of you'll who share NOOKS with family members, friends, and colleagues.


o   Pass code security for the NOOK.  You can configure NOOK to lock the screen after a certain number of minutes and then require a pass code to unlock it. The pass code security feature will activate each time the NOOK does powers on, awakens form Sleep Mode. 


  • Enhancements

o   Faster page turns -- 50% faster turn rate than the previous version.


o   Improved search functionality that includes My Documents (side-loaded content) in the results.


o   Additional battery and other performance enhancements


NOOK version 1.5 software is available via Wi-Fi or manual download at

by Michael-V on ‎11-22-2010 09:22 PM


  1. Check your computer to verify that the NOOK software update file that you just downloaded from BN.COM and saved on your computer is named  “signed_bravo_update.dat”. This name must match exactly. Please make sure that the file name has not been modified in any way and that Windows did not automatically add a “(1)” or “(2)” or some other extension or modification to the file name.
  2. Tap Settings on NOOK's Home menu and make sure NOOK's battery charge is at 20% or more.
  3. Connect NOOK to a computer using the USB cable that came with NOOK. A new, removable NOOK drive should show up in My Computer (Mac users will see the NOOK drive appear on the desktop or in devices). A"USB Mode" image will also be visible on the NOOK screen.
  4. Double click on the NOOK drive that appears in My Computer or on the desktop and make sure there are is no file named signed_bravo_update.dat currently on the device.  If so, delete it.
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file from your computer onto the main directory of the NOOK drive. Do not create a new folder on the NOOK drive or add the file to an existing folder.
  6. After the file has finished fully copying to their NOOK, make sure you are un-mounting properly by right clicking on the NOOK drive in My Computer and selecting Eject.
  7. NOOK will recognize the file and proceed to install the update automatically.
  8. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR NOOK during the installation process.
  9. Once installation is complete, NOOK will automatically shut-down, restart and go to the Home screen. You may also notice that the EInk display flashes a couple of times during the installation and restart; this is normal. Once on the Home screen, the installation is done. You should tap the Home icon, tap Settings and verify the software version number on the Settings screen.
by coralumama on ‎11-22-2010 09:42 PM

I've tried downloading via WiFi, kept getting the error message.


I did the manual download to my Mac. There is only one file with the exact name signed_bravo_update.dat. I dragged and dropped to my Nook drive. It appeared to copy it. I ejected my Nook. Disconnected the USB cable.  Guess what. Nothing happens.


I have the alert in the lower left-hand corner of the Nook window stating "You have a new software update." I cannot get it to download to my Nook.


What a lesson in frustration. Any suggestions?

by numberwhun on ‎11-22-2010 10:18 PM

I originally tried just checking for new content, but received the same error that a lot of other people seemed to be receiving.  I then tried to do the manual load of the .dat file as mentioned in my previous post.  Unfortunately, even after putting it in the root of the device as prescribed, it still did not read in the new 62 mb file.  I was a bit puzzled, so I went away and thought about it.  Prior to uploading the .dat file onto the device, I noticed there was a .dat file on the device with the 1.5 update naming.  So after both methods failed, I decided to try removing the .dat file, disconnected the Nook, went and checked for new content and VOILA!  The download started.

So, instead of jumping through a ton of hoops if you receive the error, first try deleting the 0 byte failed download and try again.  Hopefully it will work.  It did for me.







by UMSkypilot on ‎11-22-2010 11:25 PM

I absolutely love that you can organize documents to shelves as well. Awesome update!

by sunshine_eyes on ‎11-22-2010 11:53 PM

I sideloaded the update and it worked like a dream, but I can't get my book to sync with my BlackBerry.  Any suggestions?  I have told my book to auto-save, and it works with nook for PC...any other ideas or are BB users left out in the cold as happens with so many other apps?

by Vic54 on ‎11-23-2010 01:16 AM

Soooo COOL! My Hat's off to Barnes & Noble for this update! They included folders BOTH in B&N library AND "My Documents" for side loaded content! Most of what the majority of forum users were begging for got included! So what if the wireless update is kind of busy right now. So, do it manually! The Nook is like a big thumb drive, just copy the .DAT file download to the root of the main memory and give the Windows command to "Eject" the drive. Then leave your Nook alone for 5 to 10 minutes and it'll restart itself.  It's THAT easy! And well worth the effort to "Ger 'er done".  ENJOY!

by MikeC70 on ‎11-23-2010 07:38 AM

I followed the Side Loading update instructions and it bricked my nook. Even removed the battery and left it out over night and that didn't help. I guess there is no way to recover from a bad update.

by LEChakan on ‎11-23-2010 08:44 AM

Pinch me!!!!!




Thank you, Paul and B&N!


Happy Thanksgiving, all!

by Wlfman on ‎11-23-2010 08:47 AM

I got the error message that others are mentioning.  What I did was shut off my nook completely and then turned it back on.  D/L and install went fast and smooth after that.

by CanuckEB on ‎11-23-2010 08:51 AM

I have 3 Nooks in the house.  Each one I had press "check for new content" many times.  Kept getting an error message. But finally each nook took it after several tries (20-30). Just kept trying.  This is the easiest way to to it.

Love the shelves, and quick page turns.  Thanks!!

by ZAY on ‎11-23-2010 09:11 AM

I had the same the same error message but did exactly as Wlfman posted and it worked beautifully!  I haven't checked everything out yet but did notice that page turns are faster, and I can't wait to start creating shelves...sooooo cool!!!!  Thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

by Geistjaeger on ‎11-23-2010 10:00 AM

     I was receiving the error during download trying to do the download wirelessly (I suspect it was because I had another pending download), as well; however, when I performed a manual download to computer and sideload to Nook, it worked flawlessly. 

     "Shelves" and "quick page turns" are very nice features!  Was hoping for the crossword "game" that I've seen with some of the glimpses of the Nook color... 

     Also, one pet peeve has been the method of performing definition look ups or hightlighting...the "virtual" d-pad to move a cursor around the screen is awfully cumbersome.  In my opinion, it would be easier to have the ability to move and scan around a page in a similar manner to the web browser (which, incidentally, is no longer "beta" in v1.5)...pulling to the location you want to highlight/look up, and then double "clicking" the word seems more intuitive to me.  Unfortunately, no change to that methodology.

     Another change I noticed with v1.5 was the definitions rendered for the lookup: much more descriptive, with easy to differentiate greying of the definition window.

     Overall, nice additions to an already awesome reader!

by sj9642 on ‎11-23-2010 10:08 AM

I had to downlaod manually.  I like the shelves things.  I made a READ shelf and it's a lot easier now to keep track of what I've read already.  So far, so good.

by Midwest_Reader on ‎11-23-2010 11:04 AM

I got the error on several occasions yesterday.  I tried again this morning by going to My Library and chose "check for new content" - the download went through with no problems.

by iluv2readmynook on ‎11-23-2010 11:19 AM

I had absolutely NO problems.  Even though I knew I could try the WiFi, I figured too many on the network, so I sideloaded.  Effortless, painless and impressive!!!!  B&N the NOOK is soooooo superior to others on the market, and with this update, B&N rocks AGAIN!!!


I know that others have had problems with their NOOK, I for one have had NO PROBLEMS, except for my misunderstanding how to use the ODE and library books.  I went yesterday and got a library card (my was old school) and a card for my entire state.  Although I probably will, I enjoy the fact the 'I don't have to purchase another book', I can use what my tax dollars have already paid for and check out library books.


WOW, WOW, WOW.  I never complained about the page turn issue, I thought, 'yeah it is slow' but still faster and more convenient than hold an actual book!  But WOW, now t is really fast!!!!! I'm impressed!!!!


B&N - hats off to the coders, hats off to those in authority over the changes to the NOOK.  1 totally satisfied customer.  I recommend NOOK to ANYONE.  Too bad I don't get referral credits - as I know of 6 people who have purchased a NOOK after I discussed the differences between NOOK and Kindle.  :smileyhappy:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!