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Young protagonist Kelsey Hayes took a summer job at a circus with the hopes of finding adventure. Instead, she got a lot more excitement than she bargained for. After forming a bond with a white tiger in her care, she’s uprooted to India when the tiger is purchased by a man who wants to transport him back to his homeland. Once in India, Kelsey begins to understand why her bond with the tiger was so strong, and finds herself caught up in a world of ancient curses, shape-shifting, and unconventional romance.


Two more Tiger’s Curse books will follow later this year, so start your adventure now.

NOOK owners: go to shop, and search “Tiger’s Curse” to download this debut novel.

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by chearne711 on ‎01-13-2011 10:10 AM

After reading this post, I decided to look at the price and such to decide if it was worth the purchase. Apparently, buying the actual book is cheaper than the ebook (only by a few cents, but still). What happened to the ebooks being less than hardcovers? I thought that was one of the main selling points for ebooks... It seems that the more popular ebooks become, the more expensive they are. That's sad.  I find it hard to pay 10 dollars for a book that isn't even "real"... but maybe that's just me. And that's my two cents I felt the need to share. :smileyhappy:

by Dipoo on ‎01-16-2011 01:04 AM

I agree with you. You can resell a book if you want to. Of course you only get a fraction of the original price or you can donate it and if you have enough donations you can use it on your taxes but at least it's something. When you look at the price of some books it really adds up  A lot of ebooks are the same price as the hardback. I love the concept of ebooks but there should be some kind of a break for the buyer.

by redmond1212 on ‎06-20-2011 05:54 PM

I agree with both of you I would love to add this book to my nook list but when I use my B&N discount I can get the hardcopy cheaper.  To bad we can't use our discount on e-books if they are going to be the same or close to the same price.  I'm not getting as many e-books as I used to have started to go back to hardcopy.