nook.JPGWe're extremely pleased to announce Barnes & Noble is expanding the overall NOOK eBook Reader experience with the addition of new firsts and features.


Included in NOOK Version 1.3 software (available now) is the breakthrough Read In Store (Beta) experience where you can browse complete eBooks (and soon periodicals) in your local Barnes & Noble store at no cost! NOOK automatically connects to the fast and free Wi-Fi® and you're free to read any parts of any available eBook for up to an hour per day! You'll find lots of great titles, from the current bestsellers to classics, as we have more content available from more than 200 publishers including all the major publishing houses.


We've also enhanced Wi-Fi® connectivity so you connect to even more hotspots and rolled out a basic Web browser (Beta).


Plus, we've added some fun and challenging games -- our first android apps. Sudoku anyone? Or, how about chess -- pit your knight, queen, or rook against NOOK!


We've also made additional reading and device performance enhancements including improved page turn speed, faster access to previously opened eBooks, enhanced color touch screen navigation and more.


You can see how these enhancements -- combined with access to more than one million titles, free 3G wireless, an easy to read E-Ink® screen, exclusive LendMe Technology, free shipping, and the convenience of being able to try NOOK in any Barnes & Noble store -- make it the "#1 pick for e-readers" (Money Magazine).


The new features and additional enhancements are available with the updated NOOK software now available via manual download at If your NOOK is registered and has Wi-Fi® connectivity (Airplane mode should be OFF and Wi-Fi® should be turned ON and connected to a hotspot), the device will automatically download the software and install it on your NOOK within the next week. If connected to Wi-Fi® and you’d like to get the update sooner, you can tap ‘Check for new B&N content’ under My Library. However, if the update does not start automatically, please try again in a couple of hours.


The process takes approximately 5-7 minutes via Wi-Fi® or 4-5 minutes for the manual download (depending on your connection). You should NOT turn your NOOK off while the new software is being downloaded. Once the software update is completed, your NOOK will automatically restart and display the Home screen. The software update will preserve your personal settings, including your registered account information, content, display settings, and Wi-Fi® settings.


Then visit your local Barnes & Noble store, grab a comfortable chair and your favorite beverage and enjoy our exciting Read In Store experience and download exclusive More In Store content too.

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by bookheadLS on ‎04-23-2010 09:12 AM

I'm downloading as I write this. I am very excited about this update! I've had my nook since the first week in December and have been avidly reading on it since. I've been pleased with each update and look forward to more. I'll be in B&N later today and am anxious to test the waters!

by RazmusLeezard on ‎04-23-2010 09:17 AM

Absolutely unbelievable! Your software requirements for this release included games and a browser while fundamental complaints like the need to train your users how to 'flick' pages has not been addressed! Or, syncing between devices like the Kindle has done since the beginning! 


Games -- games, who asked for games! I want to stop fooling around with that damned touch screen to changes pages!


The Nook as vastly superior to Kindle with much greater potential, but the focus seems to be on expanding cute functionality rather than fundamentals. I am sadly disappointed in this long awaited update and believe the project manager for this system needs to be replaced!



by Droewyn on ‎04-23-2010 09:42 AM

The big one on my wishlist is still merging B&N Content and My Documents into a single searchable location.  Having half a series in one menu section and half in another just because of where I happened to purchase the ebook from is incredibly annoying.  Not to mention the limited functionality with non-BN content.

by bookworm6381 on ‎04-23-2010 09:50 AM

Absolutely LOVE this!!  I finally figured out how to make the pages turn last night... mine wouldn't work by swiping the touch screen, it will work when I swipe the bar between the two windows...BN YOU ROCK!!

by GMCVA on ‎04-23-2010 09:51 AM

Still think the music player needs to be fixed.  There's no capability for creating playlists, playing by album, artist, etc...While the reader function is key for me (obviously), I like to listen to music while I read and think this should be fixed...


Personally, I don't need the nook to be a web browser - I thought B&N said they were focused on it being a reader, so I really don't get this...


I tried it out for giggles - if you didn't know, you can ONLY USE THE BROWSER VIA WIFI, NOT 3G...I was wondering how AT&T was going to let B&N tie up their bandwidth with folks using their 3G network on the nook for web browsing (not to mention the fact that we're not paying any addl monthly fees to use the 3G). AT&T's already stretched with the iPhone...This explains it.



by SechoDB on ‎04-23-2010 09:53 AM

If there's a feature you don't like, don't use it. The main options are still there on the main menu, no need to turn pages.


I welcome the added features. Page turning is blazing fast now. The whole UI just feels "snappier". The games are a nice touch for that time when you need a break, and the browser useful for that quick check of weather or whatever. You zoom out a couple of times (on a wide page like and it's pretty useful.


And the added Wifi funtionality? Great! Now I can use the NOOK at a hotel because I can set up the login info they ask for.


Overall, I love the update. Thank you!

by drs19 on ‎04-23-2010 09:54 AM

Games?? Ok but my one BIG question is.... Does this update address the freezing problem I

 continue to experience?

by bob22 on ‎04-23-2010 09:54 AM

I downloaded the update and it seems to run much faster and didn't lock up any.  The web browser also looked great for being on eReader, but I wish it would work on 3g (since on wifi I usually have my computer with me). 


Unfortunately, when I tried reading my ebooks, none of them would open.  I tried deleting/ reinstalling them, but that didn't work.  I also tried downloading some book samples (from the nook itself), and they never showed up in the book screen.


So... I ended up having to format it, then I copied my books back to it, however, they still won't open. So now I'm stuck with a nice ebook reader that can surf the web, play music, and even look at my documents, but CAN'T READ BOOKS!  So, if you actually read books on your Nook, I'd wait for the bugs to get worked out first. 

by jynclr on ‎04-23-2010 09:57 AM

Well, putting in my review of this update: "Meh." I could care less about games. That's what a hand held gaming device is for, like the Nintendo DS or PS2. I bought an eReader to READ. There are umpteen threads in the forums as to what people are wanting that are far more important than games and yet ... this is what we get, games?


The only thing I can think of is that those back end features that would make the nook easier to navigate and organize books (since it is, you know, an eReader and NOT a hand held gaming device) get incorporate in the next development round and development cycle of the software update.

by General_Knowledge on ‎04-23-2010 10:06 AM

So far I really like the update.   Page turns and overall response is much improved.  My books all opened without a problem.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much it improved battery life.  Even though I purchased this as a reader I'm looking forward to tryiing the chess program.  

by Morganis on ‎04-23-2010 10:07 AM

I'm installing the update now. I tend to agree that a web browser is not needed. I'd much rather use my iPhone or iPad to browse the web since it's a much more enjoyable experience. I heard B&N was working on an iPad app as well, when can we expect that?

by Delenn1 on ‎04-23-2010 10:14 AM

While the new innovations to the unit are great, how about getting back to the basics of what an reader unit is supposed to do.


1. Access and read all of my content that the unit can hold in a user friendly environment. If a user has over 500+ eBooks on the unit side-loaded or from B&N, the user should be able to search all content  to find the book they are looking for.


2. If you are going to say that you can sync across ereader software, make sure the unit can do it.


These are two fundamental elements that seem to have been lost in the shuffle.


Please, please add this to the next update.

by BBMP on ‎04-23-2010 10:32 AM

Hi.. Hopefully someone here will respond.. How do you update the software. I tend to think I'm tech savy.. but nothing is happening. 45 minutes ago I connected my office's wifi.. what next? It's not doing anything. I still have the bubble telling me i have a new sofware update.. does it matter that it's charging? It shows I'm connected to the wifi. What am I doing wrong?

by MyLadyMaryAnn on ‎04-23-2010 10:51 AM



After the update I have noticed that my B&N Books and My Document Books are mixed up . . . as in my B&N books that were archived are now in My Document Books section, I am going to try archiving those books again and hope it readjusts itself.


I am happy and pleased with the update, even more than that I am extremely Happy and Excited with My Nook!


I do hope they are able to fix and correct all of the other problems people are having.

by Eric_Robinson on ‎04-23-2010 10:52 AM

Great update! The speed improvements are definitely noticeable.


Love the web browser. It's obviously not for any and every use, but it makes me giddy that I can now go to and read my saved articles right on my nook. No sideloading, no converting file formats, just tap "web" and I'm there. This is a BIG, BIG win for the everyday usability of my nook. (tip: not sure everyone noticed this but the page turn buttons act as scrollers in the web browser, nice touch)


I do, however, agree with the need for real page syncing. There are many times when I want to read a couple pages while out with my iPhone but don't because I dread having to find my place again when I return to my nook. My guess is that B&N is working on this and that eventually we'll get a simultaneous-ish firmware release and update to the iPhone/iPad/desktop/whatever software.


This update went a long way towards keeping the nook relevant in the iPad age. Keep the fun coming!