In honor of his new short story, we asked Rick Riordan to let readers know why he loves mash-ups and what some of his favorites are:



So why did I write a mash-up where Carter Kane meets Percy Jackson? Because mash-ups are awesome! I love it when my favorite stuff gets mixed together in unexpected ways, whether it’s pistachio and ice cream (yum!), jazz music mixed with reggae (cool, mon), or Ironman and Thor wailing on each other in The Avengers. (Doth Mother knowing you wear’st her drapes?)


Looking for more great mash-ups? Here are some of my favorites:


1. Claudia from Warehouse 13 and Fargo from Eureka join forces.  My family loves both these TV shows on the Sy-Fy Channel. Sadly, Eureka is no longer producing new seasons, but Warehouse 13 is still going strong! My favorite episodes are “13.1” of Warehouse 13 and “Crossing Over” of Eureka, in which two wonderful super-geeks, Claudia and Fargo, work together to stop a sentient computer virus.


2. The Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. Possibly the ultimate mythology/comic book mash-up. The god Morpheus escapes from imprisonment and must reclaim his lost items of power, which will take him on a quest to meet Lucifer, Julius Caesar and (wait for it) the Justice League of America. Only an incredible, wonderful, twisted imagination like Gaiman’s could create such a story – throwing everyone from Superman to the Devil into a blender to see what happens.








Whatever your favorite mash-ups are, I hope you’ll check out the ones above, and I hope you like the Percy/Carter story The Son of Sobek!

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Thanks Jeremy I love finding out little tidbits about authors :smileyhappy: