O’Hara’s book is a playful, hilarious take on the current zombie fad. Tom’s big brother is always stirring up trouble, and his latest plan is to become a mad scientist. His first victim is the family’s pet goldfish Frankie, whom he dunks into toxic green gunk.


Tom acts fast and jolts the goldfish back to life with a battery, but his plan has an unanticipated consequence: Frankie is now a Big Fat Zombie Goldfish with hypnotic powers. Turns out that zombie goldfish carry a vengeance streak as well, so now Tom has to defend his brother from this aquatic Frankenstein’s monster.


What’s even cooler—and will probably get the young NOOK reader in your life even more excited about this book—is that Mo O’Hara and her brother once brought their own pet goldfish back from the brink of death. This woman knows of what she writes.


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