Before You Take a Career Leap, Prepare Your Parachute!



For a limited time, you can save more than 50% on the What Color is Your Parachute?: Job-Hunter's Workbook app, and join the millions of people who have used this program to help make important career decisions for just $1.99. Finding the right career path can be hard—many different elements come into play. Salary and title are important, but so is making sure that your job fits with what you enjoy doing, and that you get satisfaction from your work.


While I’m not in the job market myself (hey, my boss reads these posts, too!), I found that this interactive, step-by-step program really revealed some things I didn’t know about my own skills, strengths, ambitions and priorities. It’s difficult to objectively evaluate yourself, and that’s where this app’s carefully calibrated activities offer valuable insight.


Whether or not you’ve read the internationally bestselling book What Color is Your Parachute?, downloading this incredibly helpful app is a great first step towards finding the right career path for you.

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