Fans of the popular story-driven adventure game Adera know that its rich, complex world lends itself well to the amaszing adventures of heroine Jane Sinclaire. Now Jane has jumped from screen to page, in the new book, Adera: The Soul Stone. Here's why author R.H. Stavis thinks you'll love the book, whether or not you're a diehard fan of the game:


The Soul Stone follows antiquities expert Jane Sinclaire as she's thrust into a world of murder, adventure, and romance. Like many heroines of novels, she must face enemies, learn to trust, and  potentially uncover new      

Each world Jane is a part of is its own, meaning that the book follows Jane on one journey, and the game follows her on another. So, those readers who do not play games will still enjoy the intrigue, mystery, and romance of Jane and Hawk's adventure in the novel.

The Soul Stone is the first of many of Jane and Hawk's explorations across the globe. It's where they discover each other, and through that, a bit of themselves. There's so much in store in the future, but it all begins here, in Thailand. Join them as they meet, fight for their lives, and fall in love...

In the Soul Stone.

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