I love games that challenge the brain: chess, Risk, Go – there’s nothing quite like winning a game that’s a real head-scratcher and that requires a mixture of logic and cleverness to beat. So when I heard about Mijnlieff (pronounced “mine-leaf”), a classic Nordic strategy game, I was intrigued – and now you can play it on your NOOK!


Mijnlieff Deluxe by Astraware is a game app that’s both challenging and fun: you must move one of your eight pieces  that show two of four different symbols into a position on the board that will determine how your opponent plays their next piece – so it’s crucial to think several moves ahead. The aim is to form lines of 3 – but this is much harder than it sounds when your opponent is controlling your moves! Play against Facebook friends, challenge some feisty Viking opponents, or get matched to a mystery player!


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When I was a kid, I'd spend most mornings watching PBS Kids' shows - Barney, Sesame Street, Arthur, Thomas and Friends, and countless others. Along with being so much fun to watch, PBS Kids' shows are super educational - and you can bet their apps are as well! Today's App Buzz features three apps that are part of a fantastic 50% off sale of all PBS Kids' apps through the end of the day.


Explore your house and play doctor with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - from the hit TV show! Your kids love watching Daniel Tiger play and learn on PBS, and now they can join him in this interactive app. You can help Daniel get ready for bed or for a bath, or play Doctor Daniel and learn how to do a check-up!





Take an amazing trip while learning your letters with SUPER WHY ABC Adventures! With 5 interactive games, your child can learn upper- and lowercase letters, the order of the alphabet, and more while helping some letter-loving superheros complete missions around the world. Take pictures of safari animals A-Z with Alpha Pig, or swim in the ocean with Princess Presto while matching letters to their respective sounds.



Your children love the show Peg + Cat - and now it's a great math and music app: Peg + Cat Big Gig! You can learn to play songs on the ukulele with Peg, Cat and all of their fun friends, write your own music and learn basic mathematical equations.





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Turkey Day is this Thursday (!) and I am so excited to celebrate this glorious holiday with family and friends – and to eat my mother’s amazing stuffing. NOOK has plenty of great Thanksgiving-themed apps to get us all in the holiday spirit, from exciting games to festive wallpaper to helpful recipes to prepare you for the big meal.




Rose is extremely focused on her career, so it’s hard to find time to date – and understand – men in her city! She decides to try hypnotism to break her disappointing dating routine, and finds herself transported to another world: the quaint country village of Hearts Home, where there are some seriously good-looking local men. As she explores new relationships with these hunks, she starts to understand her true desires – but she needs your help to live happily ever after! While you follow Rose’s story, you decide what she’ll say next and which Prince Charming to pursue. With several possible endings, you can create numerous true love fantasies for Rose – and you!


This app is recommended for ages 12 and up.

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It pays to have a worldly uncle who brings back fascinating souvenirs from his travels – especially if those souvenirs include a mysterious puzzle, that, once solved, will open the door to a magical land that’s yours for the taking! Keep an eye out for important symbols and puzzle pieces that will guide you through this other world – there’s a dynamic map and a hint system that’ll help you on your way to the reward at the finish.


This lushly illustrated game app is recommended for children ages 6 and up.


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 Do you have a favorite childhood toy? When I was young, I used to love to build things like tree houses, forts out of blankets, and bubble warships while I was in the bath. But for smaller projects, I’d always turn to LEGO® – classic, functional, and you can literally build ANYTHING. So when LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack was released, I was very excited to play. Better yet, it's FREE.


The Hero Factory of Makuhero City is under siege from some very intelligent and evil brains, and it’s up to you to use your battle skills to save the day. You can customize your LEGO® defender with an amazing array of weapons and armor, and select a sidekick for maximum fighting power. Earn extra points to gain more firepower and other battle defenses – the fate of this LEGO® city depends on you!


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App Buzz: Witchy Words

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Witches, cauldrons, jack-o-lanterns, candy corn  - what’s your favorite Halloween word? You can find them all in this week’s App Buzz, featuring Astraware Halloween Wordsearch, now at 50% off!


With over 100 puzzles full of ghoulish words right at your fingertips, you’ll improve your vocabulary and spelling – and maybe even find inspiration for a Halloween costume. Words can be hidden horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for a fun challenge that’ll keep you going until it’s time to trick-or-treat.


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I’m a huge fan of word games: crosswords (with the exception of Saturday’s puzzle – ouch!), word searches, word scrambles – I do them all. That’s why the Word Push game app by Bullbitz is the perfect game for me and all other word lovers, because it combines all the great elements of popular word games to create one brain-teasing supergame!


Test your noggin with over 100 levels that’ll test your vocabulary, logic and spelling skills. Your goal is to collect gems from the game by forming words vertically, horizontally or diagonally across a board of letter tiles. Form words with the gem letter tiles and proceed to the next level – just make sure you include all gem letters in your word, otherwise the move is invalid. See, we told you it’s tricky!


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When I was a kid, I would get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings to watch hours of cartoons. And although I don’t wake up so early on weekends nowadays, I’ve never lost my love of animation, which is why I play Best Park in the Universe, a games app from the hit series Regular Show on Cartoon Network!


Can you assist Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Pops battle evil extraterrestrials and insane park employees?  Mordecai and Rigby are groundskeepers at their local park, and their boss Benson has given them full responsibility to maintain the grounds while he’s off at a Park Management Conference. But when some pushy aliens land and decide that they want to uproot the park and bring it back to their faraway home planet, Mordecai and Rigby must enlist the help of their friends to protect their beloved green space –and planet Earth.


With 20 levels of game play and 4 different alien worlds to choose from, Best Park in the Universe will keep you battling ETs until the next alien invasion!


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Halloween is just around the corner, and I’ve been brainstorming like crazy about my costume. It’s a toss-up between a vampire and Grumpy Cat! Do you know what you’ll be for the scariest night of the year? To get you in the Halloween spirit, these four featured games apps have enough chills and thrills to keep you going until the 31st.



In Mahjong Undead by Toy Studio, LLC, a unique take on the ancient Chinese game, your job is to match creepy tiles – and hold on to your brain ! – in order to get to the next level. Beware of some truly vindictive zombies out to feast on flesh as you navigate through 21 death-defying levels, and set the game on Free-Play to keep on matching until the undead apocalypse.



If you love Hidden Object games AND Halloween, the all-new Hidden Object - Happy Halloween by Difference Games is the games app for you. Travel through spooky lands to find hidden objects in over 20 unique levels, but beware of the ghouls, ghosts, and other horrifying monsters that will be right on your tail! With three different ways to find objects (PICTURE, WORD or SILHOUETTE) this app will keep you occupied – and terrified – for hours.


As the wicked counterpart to Doodle God, Doodle Devil HD by Joybits is a chilling trip to an underworld of your own creation. Solve engaging puzzles and draw from the darkest corners of your imagination as you attempt to take over the world, and create a universe for your hellish minions. This app is recommended for ages 12 and up.



One of the best parts about Halloween is carving pumpkins, but doing the real thing can get quite messy. A Pumpkin Maker by Detention Apps lets you make your own unique pumpkin carvings without the muss and fuss. Create beautiful Halloween scenes and choose from different pumpkin shapes and faces. With over 100 items to add to your pumpkin, you’ll have the coolest jack-o-lantern on the block.



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