The Spellman family business is private investigation—and one pitfall of having parents in the P.I. biz is a lack of personal privacy. When Izzy Spellman’s parents hire her little sister to spy on Izzy, it's the last straw. It’s time to leave the family business behind and pursue other, less-intrusive, opportunities.


But of course there’s a catch. Before Izzy can quit, she takes on the proverbial ‘one last case’—and it’s one of her toughest yet. As she closes in on the truth, the clues lead her a bit too close to her (dysfunctional) home, and Izzy starts to question everything she thought she knew about her nosey kin.



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"[P]erhaps the greatest writer of historical adventure novels today.”

-Washington Post


This first book in Cornwell’s Saxon Tales series offers a sweeping story of the epic 9th-century battle between the forces of King Alfred and the Vikings who are quickly dismantling the Anglo Saxon empire. Caught in the complex crosshairs of this historic struggle is Uhtred, who was captured in an earlier battle and trained in the Viking ways of battle and turned against his homeland. Not only is Cornwell one of our greatest contemporary storytellers, his books are filled with incredible historical detail that brings the bloody Middle Ages to life on the page.


This irresistibly priced title is a great introduction to a thrilling six-book series.


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Erin Hunter’s epic Warriors saga is comprised of 34 titles—including the newest title, The Forgotten Warrior—and features a cast of warrior cat clans who have ruled the forest for generations, maintaining a tenuous peace. In the series debut, an ordinary housecat named Rusty is pulled into the clans’ feud, and finds that he has powerful skills that make him a formidable warrior.


Young adults with active imaginations—and cat fanciers of all ages—will delight in the charms of this exciting fantasy series.


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Like the irresistible television series Downton Abbey, Still Life with Murder offers an insider’s look at a high society family and the domestic servants who work for them. Protagonist Nell Sweeny is a poor Irish immigrant who lands a coveted job as a governess for the wealthy Hewitt family in 1860s Boston. When one of the Hewitt sons—whom the family thought had been killed in the Civil War—turns up in prison, accused of murder, Nell quickly realizes that money and status can’t insulate you from life’s troubles. Now Nell’s distraught employer implores her to use her connections to the Boston underworld to help prove her son’s innocent, before the young man is marched to the gallows. Nell’s resourcefulness and plucky resolve make for an irresistible mystery with wonderful historical detail.


Once you’ve devoured Ryan’s charming first book, you’ll be ready to move right on to the rest. Find out more about her five additional Nell Sweeney books, including the newest—A Bucket of Asheshere.



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Tom Rob Smith’s blockbuster thriller Child 44 is just $0.99 for a limited time. When Smith broke onto the scene with this stunning debut, fans of classic thrillers were overjoyed. Child 44 tackles big themes—devotion to country , political oppression—and brings the dark days of the early Cold War back to life.


When a disgraced government agent Leo Demidov faces an unexpected demotion, he is determined to prove his loyalty and restore his good name. At the same time, a serial killer is on the loose, but the arrogant authorities refuse to acknowledge the possibility of this tragedy unfolding in their "ideal" society. Demidov sets out to find the killer and save countless innocent lives, and along the way uncovers truths that are far more dangerous than one rogue murderer. Named one of National Public Radio’s top 100 thrillers of all time, Child 44 is a must-read at an unbeatable price.


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I have some big Spotlight news to announce: We’ll now be featuring a new author every two weeks, delivering twice the opportunity to get a great book at an irresistible price.


For new NOOK readers who are unfamiliar with the program, Spotlight offers the first book in a popular series for just $0.99 for a limited time. Right now, Witch and Wizard by mega-bestselling writer James Patterson is available for less than a buck!



But a great surprise awaits the children and their captors. Soon the siblings begin to develop special powers that they never knew they had. Under these adverse condition, Wisty and Wit learn that they’re actually a witch and wizard, and their powers may help them save themselves, their family, and possibly the world.


The Witch and Wizard series continues with The Gift, and the newly-released third entry, The Fire.


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How will Serge Storms be spending the holidays this year?


Checking into an anonymous motel on the gulf coast, decorating the biggest tree they can fit in the room and exchanging Secret Santa presents that he and Coleman bought together. But it’s still a surprise to Coleman because he won’t remember.



What do he and Coleman cook for Christmas dinner?

They always go to KFC (regular recipe because crispy represents an erosion of values) and extra-large orders of all the sides, especially the “coleslaw to die for.”



How does Serge react if he discovers that someone has been naughty and not nice?


They’ll wish they just had lumps of coal in their stockings. And of course the punishment must have a theme, so weapons of choice will be excellent toys of his childhood – Legos, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs.


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"Some of the most wacky villains and situations since Hiaasen stuck a plastic alligator down a stranger’s throat and called it Tourist Season."

- Chicago Tribune



Fans of the tongue-in-cheek, quirky capers of Carl Hiaasen will instantly fall for Dorsey’s charms. Florida Roadkill features a cast of characters that would make Elmore Leonard blush, and a hilariously serpentine plot that could only take place in the Sunshine State. While I could go on all day about the irresistible talents of Tim Dorsey, I’d rather let his fellow novelist James Hall (Body Language) do the honors:



 “Florida Roadkill is a redline, juking, jiving, manic, tequila-laced triple espresso ride from north to south through the flipped out, ultra-scuzzy, bullet-between-the-eyes state of Florida. And what a tour guide Tim Dorsey is. This guy is an insane comic angel with uranium for brains and fifty heartbeats a second. So strap yourself in tight, double-check the airbag, say your best prayer, sit back and let this baby rocket you from zero to past the sound barrier in minus three seconds. Wow, what a ride.” 


If Florida Roadkill has you in the mood to take another trip through Dorsey’s very un-Disneyfied Florida, his newest book, When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State, is available now.


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Snuff is the 39th novel in your Discworld series, which began in 1983 with The Color of Magic. How has the Discworld changed over the years?


Well, while the books still have humor, the gags are no longer set up; they are derived from characters’ personalities and situations.


The hero of Snuff is Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

It may be argued that your “Watch” novels are the most popular subset of

stories within the series. Why is that?


I think it has to do with the commonality of humankind. Yes, the world in which Sam exists is full of goblins and wizards, witches and trolls, but the world in which Sam Vimes lives is hardly fantastic. In point of fact, the overall ambience is that of the shires of Middle England. Sam Vimes is as realistic and hard-nosed as any other policeman. Being Sam Vimes, he questions his motives and procedures all the way through.


So, where did you find your inspiration for this new novel, Snuff?


I think I started out by considering the character of Sir Samuel Vimes, as he is now (after all, I’ve been writing him for quite a number of years, and he’s changed over time, as have we all), Since I find his inner monologue interesting I decided to send him on holiday – a not entirely voluntary holiday – so he could relax. Of course, I realized right away that moving Vimes out of his city element, away from his comfort zone, was going to be a sheer treat to write.


Rumor has it that you once said that you’d like to be like Sam Vines? Why?


I don’t think I actually said that, but when it comes right down to it, despite the fact that these days, people call me “Sir,” I’m still a kid from the council houses. And that allows me to create a mindset for Vimes. He sits in my head and I listen to him and simply write down what he does, says, or thinks. In some ways, even though I’m doing the thinking, the “Sam Vimes module” in my brain drives that thinking. It can be rather strange.


Are there any books of yours that you particularly enjoy?


That’s hard to answer. I really did enjoy writing Monstrous Regiment, which in a way became very close to becoming “mainstream.” And then there’s Making Money. I was very pleased when that came out just before the banking crisis and everyone said I had predicted it. It was hardly difficult, really.


Has writing the Discworld novels changed how you see the world?


Actually, getting older has had more of an effect on how I see the world. I couldn’t have written Snuff when I was twenty-five. My books today are, if not entirely serious, dealing with more serious subjects. These days it’s not just for laughs. Although there are laughs. The laughs are important.



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Few authors enjoy the sort of devotion that Terry Pratchett inspires; his fans don’t just like him, they adore him with every fiber of their being. In fact, his fan base even extends into royal quarters: in 2009 he was knighted for his contributions to literature. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy Pratchett’s madcap tales.


In The Color of Magic, Pratchett playfully skewers the fantasy genre, introducing readers to Discworld—a madcap land populated by the requisite genre characters like incompetent gods, tree creatures, wizards and dragons. Like any good satirist, it’s clear that Pratchett loves the fantasy novels that he so deftly lampoons in this irresistible adventure.


If, like millions of readers before you, Discworld leaves you wanting to explore more Terry Pratchett adventures, you’re in luck—there are 39 more books in the series just waiting to be read.


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