The Valley of Amazement is acclaimed Chinese-American author Amy Tan's newest achievement, a historical novel of astounding power and emotion.


In late 19th-century Shanghai, Violet Minturn comes of age at the city's most eminent courtesan establishment, where her mother is an employee. But political unease and the eventual fall of the Chinese imperial dynasty forces Violet to become separated from her family and become a "virgin courtesan." Violet becomes a talented and successful businesswoman, but her inner turmoil propels her on a constant search for closure, tranquility, and love, over a span of 50 years between China and San Francisco.


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Author Tom Clancy continuously drew us into his literary thrill rides, exhibiting a mastery of the genre that few have been able to match. His final novel, Command Authority, written with Mark Greaney, follows U.S. president and former C.I.A. agent Jack Ryan as he investigates the new strong man in Russia, who has some very dark secrets behind his speedy rise to power.


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Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has won the hearts of millions of readers with her no-nonsense attitude and relentless pursuit of criminals on the run, and she's back and better than ever in Janet Evanovich's newest novel, Takedown Twenty, now available on NOOK.


Powerful mob boss and suspected murderer Salvatore "Uncle Sunny" Sunucchi is Stephanie's latest target, but getting involved with the Mafia is risky - even for a pro like Stephanie. Can she outsmart the family, or will she end up sleeping with the fishes?


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Sookie Stackhouse is back in Charlaine Harris’s latest addition to her bestselling Southern Vampire series!



Watch this exclusive video of Charlaine Harris discussing her popular books, including where she came up with the idea to introduce Bubba to the series, and the fact that she’s known how the series would end almost since she started writing it:




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In her latest adventure, Precious is called on to find the culprit in a cattle double-murder, but, as is always the case, she gets sidetracked time and time again. Her friends and associates continue to find themselves in unlikely predicaments, and only the No. 1 Lady Detective has the good sense and patience to help them find a resolution. Through shotgun weddings to political shenanigans, Precious is able to keep her cool and lend a helping hand.


If you’re a fan of witty, unconventional detective stories, add this series to your to-be-read list immediately.


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Whether this epic new drama is your introduction to Martin’s breathtaking work, or you’re a longtime fan who’s looking to revisit the book series, you’ll want to start with the first title: A Game of Thrones. Kicking off this impressive fantasy series, A Game of Thrones introduces a fictional kingdom where decades pass without a change of seasons, and a lengthy winter is setting in. A collection of forces—both good and evil—struggle to control the kingdom as they battle the harsh natural elements.


This groundbreaking fantasy series has won unprecedented accolades, and will have you hooked from page one.


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As head writer for Saturday Night Live and later as creator and star of 30 Rock, Tina Fey pioneered a specific brand of humor that’s instantly recognizable. Fey’s admirers will find much to like in her hilarious and poignant memoir—from the awkward real-life moments she’s used to craft her humor, to more serious concerns about balancing professional success and motherhood.


Few comedians can write ‘funny’ like Tina, and this book proves that she’s just as good on the page as she is on screen.


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Sorry to tell you, elephants—your moment is over. After a few years of pachyderm titles dominating the bestseller list, there’s a new hot mammal in town. Tigers are the new literary “it” animal. To help you decide which recent tiger release is for you, I offer a primer:






Are sweeping epics full of unrequited love, twists of fate, and heartbreaking tragedy your cup of (Darjeeling) tea?  Sarita Mandanna’s Indian saga, Tiger Hills, is the right pick for you. Mandanna’s beautiful debut novel is a multi-generational tale that follows the lives of  two South Indian friends with conflicting expectations during the late nineteenth century.



Is your copy of Lolita falling apart at the binding? Do you appreciate unflinching memoirs like Autobiography of a Face, Running with Scissors, and A Child Called It? As long as you’re open-minded and not easily shocked, you may be captivated by Margaux Fragoso’s Tiger, Tiger. Fragoso was the victim in a 15-year relationship with a pedophile, and her raw, honest, and disturbing memoir explores this issue in a way that no previous book has.


Tigers surely are burning bright in the literary world these days!


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Hamill has seen a lot in his life. He left behind a scholarship to a prestigious high school to work in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He rose to prominence as a beloved and respected journalist and newspaper columnist.  And he was one of the men who wrestled the gun from assassin Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Robert Kennedy.


But like many writers of his era, and many before and since, Hamill’s exploits were often fueled by the bottle. In A Drinking Life, he takes a hard, honest look at years of imbibing, and his long road to sobriety. The beauty of this book—besides Hamill’s sure-handed writing—is in his ability to find the balance between glamorizing and demonizing the effects of alcohol. So from his early years as a Brooklyn teenager using alcohol for liquid courage, to a stint in Mexican prison, to his realization that his addiction was preventing him from being the father he needed to be, Hamill thoughtfully explores the many stages of his lifetime struggle.


Once you’ve read A Drinking Life, you’ll have a new perspective on Hamill’s wonderful collection of novels as well.

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That’s why these newly-released “_____ for Dummies” mini editions are such a welcome addition to our NOOK Book collection. At just 99 cents each, you’ll get the most pertinent info from each Dummies title, without having to invest in the full-length book.


Presented with the perfect photo opp? Pull out your NOOK (or your smart phone with the NOOK app) and get quick tips from Digital Photography For Dummies, Mini Edition. Have a new puppy you need to housetrain, but don’t have time to enroll him in obedience school? Housetraining For Dummies, Mini Edition will give you the tools you need.


With dozens of additional titles covering everything from organic gardening to personal finance, there’s a Dummies Mini Edition for everyone.


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