"There is no one in comics like Paul Pope: gifted beyond all reason, he is an artist of immense protean talents and a deep soulfulness."— Junot Díaz, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


In Battling Boy, master comic book writer and artist Paul Pope introduces us to a twelve-year-old demigod who is charged with saving the sprawling city of Arcopolis from daily monster attacks; monsters who have a particular appetite for small children. Arcopolis had a superhero in the form of savant vigilante Haggard West, but since West's untimely death, the city faces total destruction from its ruthless - and hungry - antagonists.


Can Battling Boy save the children of Arcopolis from pure evil, and give the city the superhero it desperately needs? Find out in three-time Eisner Award-winning author Paul Pope's newest graphic novel for young adults, and check out some of his other unique and brilliant books below:


Batman: Year One Hundred











The Death of Haggard West  







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"...'Night Film' has been precision-­engineered to be read at high velocity, and its energy would be the envy of any summer blockbuster. Your average writer of thrillers should lust for Pessl’s deft touch with character." - The New York Times Sunday Book Review



The infamous and reclusive cult film director Stanislas Cordova hasn't been seen in public for over 30 years, and when his 24-year-old daughter mysteriously turns up dead, the enigmatic Cordova shrinks further into the shadows. But investigative reporter Scott McGrath, who has a libelous history with the hermit filmmaker, has his suspicions about the circumstances surrounding Ashley Cordova's untimely end.


Scouting out clues in a vividly-painted Manhattan as well as Mr. Cordova's secluded mansion in the Adirondack Mountains, McGrath and his helpers - a friend of Ashley's and the man who was in love with her - find themselves embroiled in a series of eerie twists and turns that play out like an excellent horror film.


Night Film is a spellbinding literary thriller that will keep you guessing well into the autumn months.


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“David Gilbert’s & Sons is that novel you’ve been waiting for without knowing you were waiting. Big, brilliant, and terrifically funny, it’s a moving story about fathers and sons and success, a dead-on, deadpan retelling of our American literary myth.”

Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins



The linchpin of Gilbert’s book is the fictional author A. N. Dyer—a mythical figure in the tradition of J.D. Salinger. Dyer’s boarding school-set novel, Ampersand, was the defining work of his generation, but he’s now a reclusive old man who’s defined by the legacy of his youthful output. As mortality sets in, and he wrestles with what sort of life he’s led, he confronts a disconcerting gap between the myth and the man. He calls his adult sons together to hash out what remains of their relationship, and to decide if it’s too late to tend to lingering wounds.


& Sons has been almost universally critically-acclaimed, and is the perfect book to end the summer with—a weighty, masterful novel that will help you transition from beach reads to the more serious pursuits of autumn.  

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The story centers on an artist returning to his childhood home—a place that he knows holds dark memories that exist at the periphery of his conscious memory. Once he’s there, the memories start to reappear, as they often do when we venture home after a long absence. There’s something about the familiar trappings of childhood that always unleash our strongest emotional reactions.


Unsurprisingly, Gaiman’s protagonist’s childhood was quite outside the ordinary. I won’t veer into spoiler territory (you can read a full review on the B&N Review), but as the unnamed narrator pieces together a series of tragic and otherworldly events that occurred when he was 7 years old, you’ll be drawn into a world that exists on the border of the ‘normal’ and the ‘paranormal.’ Gaiman’s mythical tale has already received glowing critical praise, and whether you’re a devoted fan or a newbie, put The Ocean at the End of the Lane at the top of your summer reading list.

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If you haven’t read Saunders, don’t be ashamed. Although he’s been popular among other writers, and has a very dedicated fan base, he’s certainly not a household name. But Tenth of December should change that. For this collection, Saunders has once again received glowing praise from his fellow writers:


Tenth of December shows George Saunders at his most subversive, hilarious, and emotionally piercing. Few writers can encompass that range of adjectives, but Saunders is a true original—restlessly inventive, yet deeply humane.”—Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of A Visit from the Goon Squad
“George Saunders is a complete original, unlike anyone else, thank god—and yet still he manages to be the rightful heir to three other complete American originals—Barthelme (the lyricism, the playfulness), Vonnegut (the outrage, the wit, the scope), and Twain (the common sense, the exasperation). There is no author I recommend to people more often—for ten years I’ve urged George Saunders onto everyone and everyone. You want funny? Saunders is your man. You want emotional heft? Saunders again. You want stories that are actually about something—stories that again and again get to the meat of matters of life and death and justice and country? Saunders. There is no one better, no one more essential to our national sense of self and sanity.”—Dave Eggers, author of A Hologram for the King


Take a chance on George Saunders, and think about it this way: If he’s really as good as everyone says he is, you’ll have a whole backlist of his books to explore.


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Like she’s done in her dozens of bestsellers before this, Jackie Collins takes a mix of power and money, then adds a shot of romance and a dash of danger to create the perfect cocktail. This time, that cocktail's a White Russian, as a group of powerful couples set out on an oligarch’s impressive yacht, only to end up entangled with pirates on the Sea of Cortez. Another decadent delight from a master of her trade.









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When veteran Adam Connelly returns to his Idaho hometown to help run his family’s animal shelter, he’s looking to mend his body and spirit. He certainly doesn’t expect to quickly be reunited with his former flame, Holly, a woman whose heart he broke many years ago, but never forgot.


Holly’s father has gone missing, and she calls upon Adam’s tracking skills to help with the search. As the former lovers take on this harrowing search, long-buried emotions come roaring back, and they’re each confronted with a difficult decision. Shalvis fans—and new readers—will once again find themselves pulled into an unforgettable romantic adventure.


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When I heard about Tom Angleberger’s book The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, I have to admit that I was intrigued. This latest addition to the Origami Yoda series centers around a paper fortune-teller Wookiee. You know, one of those tall hairy guys from Star Wars combined with those ‘cootie catcher’ games from school? Not exactly a plot development you run across every day.


This series is perfect for young readers who aren’t considered one of the ‘cool’ kids at school, or who gravitate to quirky, geeky pursuits. The group of friends who populate Angleberger’s books brings to mind the endearing characters from the cult favorite TV show Freaks & Geeks—a menagerie of kids who are far more interesting than the cookie-cutter popular set.


It’s important for all kids to feel like they belong, and this insightful, incredibly fun book will help make those awkward adolescent years a little bit easier. Getting lost in the pages of a hilarious, Wookiee-laden adventure is the perfect antidote to middle school angst.


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In his new book Makers, he offers a case for another revolutionary idea—that contrary to popular opinion, America will be a world industrial power for many years to come. The innovative spirit brought on by the Internet, and impressive  new 3D-printing technology let inventors and designers turn their dreams into a reality. While most people argue that the heyday of American manufacturing is in the past, Anderson makes a case that it’s still very much alive and well.


If you like thought-provoking books that challenge the status quo, Anderson’s latest should find its way onto your NOOK today.


A free sample excerpt from this book is available on the product page now.


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In Freethy’s newest book, When Wishes Collide, two desperate strangers make a wish, only to discover that sometimes a wish can take you down an unexpected path ... straight toward a life-changing love.

Adrianna Cavello's life changed in an instant when a break-in at her restaurant took the life of her boyfriend and left her too traumatized to return to work. Months later, with everything she's ever wanted on the line, Adrianna makes a wish by tossing a coin into a fountain known for making miracles. 

Wyatt Randall is also in need of a miracle. Two years earlier, his ex-wife kidnapped their daughter, and Wyatt is desperate to find his little girl. A new lead raises his hopes, but quickly fizzles out. When his coin clashes with another, he sees what little hope he has flying away. 

Adrianna and Wyatt soon learn that they have more in common than two coins that collided. In fighting for the lives they lost, they must learn how to trust again. Only then will they discover that meeting each other and falling in love might not be what they wished for, but exactly what they need. 


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