Thanks to her quirky sense of humor and a great knack for storytelling, Roach’s book is an appetizing (I couldn’t resist!) piece of popular science writing. To help bring some attention to this worthy book, we recently asked our Twitter followers to provide their own #GulpLit titles—famous book titles with a digestive twist. Some of my favorite entries were: A Wrinkle in Chyme, Swallow and Amazons, Profiles in Roughage, and Infinite Ingest.


If you’re on Twitter, follow @nookBN and join the fun by offering your own #GulpLit book titles!



I really love when new technology adds a dimension to an old classic. So when I heard that my favorite childhood books by Robert McClosky—Make Way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine—were coming to NOOK, I couldn’t wait to introduce them to  my daughter.


When I found out that these irresistible childhood classics are all narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal, one of my favorite actors, I was even more excited. Apparently he has great taste in kids’ books, too!















With these new NOOK Read to Me picture books, kids will experience a wonderful melding of the old and new.




 Tell Me: What childhood favorites have you shared with your kids on NOOK?




As a young baseball fan, one of my favorite players—behind hometown hero Robin Yount—was the Iron Man Cal Ripken, Jr. With his talent, tenacity and good spirit, he was the ultimate role model for kids. Ripken retired a legend, and now he’s turned to writing inspiring children’s books, like his newest: Wild Pitch.


In Wild Pitch, Little League pitcher Robbie Hammond has gone from almost unhittable, to being unable to hit the strike zone. His team’s struggling as their star pitcher continues to lose his mojo, and no one—except Robbie—knows where the real problems lie. During last year’s All Star game, Robbie injured a batter with an errant pitch, and now he can’t shake the feeling that it’ll happen again.


As your little sluggers prepare to take to the field this season, teach them a lesson about overcoming challenges with Wild Pitch.


Tell Me: Who’s your favorite baseball player of all time?



Thanks to a series of hilarious, relatable books for middle-grade readers, and a popular film franchise, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is at the top of many kids’ reading lists. It’s important to keep children engaged once they’ve finished a new series, but it’s not always easy to figure out what they might like next.


If your kids have already memorized the full Wimpy Kid collection, here are some other books I think they’ll love:






















Tell Me: Which book series do your kids love?

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There’s something for every mystery and suspense fan with these new and upcoming NOOK Books:





















Tell Me: What’s one element that every good mystery must have?




Romantics can escape into dozens of swoon-worthy reads, couples looking to spice things up have lots of advice to choose from, love-struck teens have plenty of YA options, and parents can share sweet children’s books with their little ones.





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Whenever the new year rolls around, I always feel like it’s time to tackle big projects—opportunity abounds!


Besides cleaning out the coat closet and waxing the floors, I’ve been looking for some great new book series that I can sink my teeth into this year. The new NOOK First in a Series collection is a great place to start. In addition to the time-tested offerings below, there are a bunch more multi-volume favorites to explore in the full collection.












Book series are usually synonymous with fiction, but don’t forget about the many excellent multi-volume non-fiction offerings available for NOOK as well. Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert A. Caro  has devoted his life to writing the essential biography of Lyndon Johnson, and The Path to Power  is the book that started it all.








It seems that book series are a constant on the teen bestseller charts—the covers and characters change over the years, but young adults always support good series fiction. The Shadow Falls saga is one of today’s best YA series—featuring a fascinating camp for paranormal (you know, vamps, werewolves, witches and the like) outcasts. Get into the action with Born at Night, the bestselling first book.









With all (or most) of the Christmas cookies gone, the holiday houseguests cleared out, and the kids back in school, it’s officially time to focus on 2013 goals. Whether you’re planning to get in shape, eat healthier, or find happiness this year, we have you covered. Our NOOK Books for a Fresh Start collection is the first stop for all your self-improvement needs.


Here are a couple of my favorite titles from this collection to get you started:



Wheat Belly Cookbook is a useful companion to the bestselling Wheat Belly diet book by William Davis. I love bagels and pasta as much as the next guy, but Davis makes a strong case for shedding pounds and feeling better by cutting wheat out of your daily diet. He even offers delicious substitutes for some of your favorite wheat dishes, like delicious wheat-free Blueberry French Toast.







Tell Me: What’s your New Year’s resolution this year?


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For me, an essential read can be any one of those things, and more. Since I know there are books, books everywhere, and only so much time to read, I wanted to point you in the direction of our new Essential Reads collection. Whether you’ve just unwrapped your new NOOK, or your digital shelves are almost buckling under the weight of so many books, these are the titles that our booksellers think every NOOK reader should own.


Yann Martel’s magical Life of Pi is here. As is Gillian Flynn’s latest dark and captivating novel Gone Girl.  Plus, you'll find the enlightening Lincoln biography Team of Rivals, and the eye-opening  examination of race and science, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the full Essential Reads collection, and let me know in the comments below what book you consider essential.


Christmas is all about nostalgia—we read the same time-tested stories to our kids, watch favorite movies with our family, sing carols written before our grandparents were born, and save our oldest and dearest ornaments for the prime spots on the tree.


Of course, there’s always room for a few new traditions as well—all of those great memories had to start somewhere. If you’re looking to load up your NOOK with books that you and your family are sure to enjoy for years to come, start by exploring our Holiday NOOK Books collection. Some of my favorite selections are below, but with over 100 titles to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find some gems of your own.




J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is sure to be one of the biggest movies this winter, but did you know that the legendary author started an incredibly heartwarming Christmas tradition with his own children? Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for Tolkien’s children. Inside would be a letter in a strange, spidery handwriting and a beautiful colored drawing or painting  from Father Christmas. These beautiful correspondences are collected in this one-of-a-kind book.





The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, so I’ll forgive you if you haven’t had as much reading time as you might like. If you’re looking for a Christmas tale without the time commitment, check out Bruno and the Carol Singers: A Christmas Mystery of the French Countryside, a charming short story from international bestselling author Martin Walker.








While good will and cheer abound during the holidays, you have to admit that sometimes the stress of shopping, wrapping, entertaining and traveling can take their toll. In his modern classic, Holidays on Ice, David  Sedaris recounts some less-than-Rockwellian moments from his own quirky family’s holiday celebrations.







This beautifully-illustrated collection of favorite childhood Christmas stories, poems, and carols includes NOOK Read to Me narration, and is sure to be a perennial favorite for kids and adults alike.







I didn’t grow up with the Elf on a Shelf tradition, but it’s something I’m definitely going to add to my repertoire once my kids are old enough to enjoy it. In case you’re not familiar, parents place a toy elf on the shelf during the holiday season, so that he can keep an eye on little boys and girls and report back to Santa. It’s a great way to make sure the kids are on their best behavior, and this NOOK Kids Read & Play edition is a perfect introduction to a fun yearly tradition.