Beach season is upon us, and for readers, that means beach reading season is here, too. Whether you’re headed to the east coast, west coast or the Great Lakes, you’ll want to load your NOOK with the best summer reads.


While most of us escape our inland existences to visit our favorite beach, some folks are lucky enough to live in one of the country’s best beach towns. To herald the arrival of summer, we took a look at the top NOOK Books in top beach towns. That way, you can read just like a local when you hit the beach this year.


Santa Monica, California










Mackinac Island, Michigan









Wildwood, New Jersey








Haleiwa, Hawaii








Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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I’ll leave the tournament prognostications to the sports experts at Sports Illustrated, but one thing I can reveal is which of the four cities whose teams have made this year’s Final Four - Ann Arbor, Louisville, Syracuse or Wichita - has the most devoted NOOK readers.


College towns tend to attract big readers, and these four cities are certainly devouring a lot of NOOK Books - but there can be only one champion. Taking population size into account, Louisville has a commanding lead in NOOK Books downloaded, followed by Syracuse, with Wichita narrowly edging out Ann Arbor for third place.


No matter who wins this year's NCAA Tournament, all of these readerly cities can hold their heads high!


Tell Me: Are you surprised by these results?



With spring in full bloom—at least for the more temperate parts of the country—we wanted to revisit some of the most popular NOOK Books of years past, to see which spring titles were hot on NOOK.










Last year, spring was dominated by the Hunger Games Trilogy—benefiting from post-movie excitement—and of course the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. As better weather started to set in, readers turned their attention to the Cape Cod tale, A Month at the Shore—perhaps daydreaming about their own future beach escapes.


While many of these books are still quite popular with NOOK readers, I’m excited to see which titles become hits this spring.




Tell Me: Have you read any of these popular spring reads? What are you reading this spring?



I’ve been reading books for decades, but I have to admit that when it comes to the world of apps, I’m still a neophyte. I’ve found a whole bunch of apps that make my life easier and more fun, but I always feel like I’m a step behind.


If you’re like me—an avid reader who could use some great app recommendations—I hope this post will help. We took a look at which apps are popular with different types of readers. If you love one of these books, you’ll want to explore the apps that your fellow fans like, too.



















The latest volume in Robert Caro’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Lyndon Johnson biography, The Passage of Power, is a pretty serious and heady work of non-fiction. Accordingly,  Caro fans gravitate towards apps like Smithsonian Channel and Pulse News, but also make time for the guilty pleasures of Showtime
















Tell Me: What’s your favorite NOOK Book and NOOK App?



The Academy Awards® ceremony is this Sunday, and in case you haven’t noticed, most of this year’s nominees are book-to-film adaptations. This year’s Oscars® will really be a treat for book lovers like us!


Everyone’s scrambling to make their last-minute predictions—hoping to win the jackpot in this year’s office pool. So while it might not be the most scientific strategy, we thought we’d see which of the books that inspired a Best Picture nominee is topping the NOOK charts*. If the book’s popularity is a bellwether, it looks like Silver Linings Playbook may very well take home the statuette this Sunday. Will Harvey Weinstein triumph again?



























Les Miserables (Movie Tie-In) by Victor Hugo


The latest film adaptation of this literary classic features an impecable performance by Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean.









Juicy and Delicious by Lucy Alibar


The play that inspired the heartbreakingly triumphant Beasts of the Southern Wild. (Watch now on NOOK Video)









Explore our Books into Film collection for even more lit that inspired great films.


Tell Me: What film do you hope wins Best Picture?



*NOOK sales rank as of Tuesday, February 19.

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Let the good books roll!


As you read this, the good people of New Orleans are putting the Super Bowl blackout behind them and celebrating Mardi Gras in typical bacchanalian fashion.


New Orleans is a fascinating town with a culture all its own. With the city on everyone’s minds today, we wondered what New Orleanians are reading when they’re not listening to good music and eating great food. Taking a look at New Orleans' Top-5 most downloaded NOOK Books, we found southern romances, a scintillating trilogy, and a conspiracy thriller set right in the Big Easy. An eclectic mix for an eclectic city.


So even if you can't be among the celebrating masses today, you can still read like a New Orleanian:


Safe Haven

by Nicholas Sparks


A touching tale of Southern love.









Tall, Dark, and Deadly 3 Book Box Set  

by Lisa Renee Jones


A passionate trilogy featuring three desirable but dangerous brothers.





Rush (The Breathless Trilogy #1)  

by Maya Banks


She’s an adult now, and there’s no reason not to act on her most secret desires.








Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)  

by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl


There was a curse.
There was a girl.
And in the end, there was a grave.








Fever Dream (Special Agent Pendergast Series #10)  

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


The city of New Orleans plays a leading role in this gripping conspiracy thriller.










 Tell Me: Have you ever visited New Orleans? Was it during Mardi Gras?