44606659.JPGWe continue to optimize nook software to give our customers a great reading experience. In this, our second software update since we shipped nook in early December 2009, we are providing an improved reading and in-store experience, all key areas that our customers noted. nook v 1.2 will be made available to customers in a seamless over the air (OTA) update over approximately the next week, beginning today, and immediately by manual download.


What's new in V1.2?


nook V1.2 continues to improve nook performance to provide enhance the overall reading experience and in-store connectivity for nook customers to enjoy exclusive content and promotions in Barnes & Noble stores. Key updates include:


  • Enhanced in-store seamless connectivity to enjoy free Wi-Fi, with our More In Store content and promotions exclusively for nook owners.
  • Improved opening of eBooks and periodicals
  • Improved response to Reading Now & Settings buttons
  • Current reading page and bookmarks on all eBooks is properly saved when your nook is powered off
  • Bookmarks display page number
  • Eligible LendMe(TM) eBooks in My Library include a LendMe(TM) flag
  • Easier navigation of daily subscription with issues rolled into one folder
  • Improved “back” button functionality for navigating eBooks and periodicals
  • Personal files downloaded onto nook and displayed in My Documents can be sorted by author & title
  • Overall system improvements and battery optimization

How do I get nook software V1.2?


The V1.2 update will be distributed Over the Air (OTA) via B&N's Fast & Free wireless service and Wi-Fi or if you want it right now you can get it as a manual download. Beginning today, we are sending OTA over the next week.  If you want to get V1.2 immediately, follow the instructions for  manual download here.  If your nook is registered and has connectivity, it will automatically download the software and install it on your device, during the next week. Depending on your connection, the whole process takes 10-15 minutes via Fast & Free wireless and 5-7 minutes via Wi-Fi or 4-5  minutes for the manual download, during which time you should NOT turn your nook off. Once the software update is completed, your nook will automatically restart and display the Home screen. The software update will preserve your personal settings, including your registered account information, content, display settings, and Wi-Fi settings.



by mjshorses on ‎02-09-2010 03:44 PM

I've never had an issue with my nook, I've been lucky. However, this new software download made me want to chuck my nook out the window.  First, the download took my nook hours...yep, I said HOURS to download. Weird considering the download of 1.1 only took minutes if that. And, then when it  was finished it froze and I had to hold the power button off for a while to shut it off and turn it back on. When it finally turned back on and I went to select a book from my library it froze again and this time it wouldn't turn off. I had to take the battery out and place it back in. Fortunately, I haven't had any issues since then (knock on wood) but what a pain in the butt.  I was happy with the way my nook was before and personally, I wish they would let us have a choice whether we wanted to upgrade the software or not.  


Also, I personally don't like the new icons, I like the old ones much better.  Wish I could upload the old version 

by coxa43 on ‎02-09-2010 07:37 PM

I waited 6 weeks for my nook, spent 2 hours down loading all my ebooks. Was able to use it for a total of 3 days until the update. Now I can not get in to my documents or my bn library. After 35 minutes on hold with the thek support line, I was told "yes, we know this is an issue. There is nothing we can do for you right now, but we are working on it and might have a solution in 2 to 3 weeks" WOW I have a $300.00 dollar paper weight.

by sherryrk on ‎02-09-2010 10:46 PM

Turned it on on sunday. It automatically updated the software, then locked up on me.  Rebooted it and read it for an hour.  Then turned it on on tuesday and it tried to download the software again. It did it's thing, and then reverted back to the original software and now asks me to re-register! I get an error message when I try to re-register! Frustrated bc I need my book "fix"!!!

by hickmanmom on ‎02-10-2010 01:15 PM

automatic update was done monday on 02/08/10 around 1000am.  took a few minutes. i did notice some changes. however, now 'archive' function is not working.  there is no 'archive' tab displaying as an option. how can this be corrected? 

by tadawson on ‎02-10-2010 09:30 PM

Got my replacement unit in (for the one I killed), registered it, it immediately updated to 1.2, and all my content came in flawlessly.  I also noted that the progress bar and page numbers (x of y) appear after being in a book for a few minutes in all cases - apparently a background task has to format the entire book in your selection of font and size before it can know how many pages there are, and display that information.


So, I guess I am lucky (well, other than killing #1 . . .) in that I have had two units go to 1.2 and function correctly.


- Tim

by tadawson on ‎02-10-2010 09:32 PM

sherryrk -


If you go to "my library", select an item, and then select "View Item Details & Options" is Archive not there?   It's fine here . . .


- Tim

by BooperFH on ‎02-11-2010 01:22 PM

I was in Mexico last week and was unable to get my NY Times delivered to my nook. When I got back to LAX and went to download my missed issues, lo and behold the 1.2 update started and installed without a hitch. I did lose my bookmark on the book I was presently reading but haven't since. A small price to pay.  The nook was such a pleasure to have on vacation. Thanks.

by oldmaster on ‎02-11-2010 06:44 PM

Here's what I have found about the "My Documents" issue.


It looks as if the 1.2 update is now sensitive to metadata in PDF files.  I found after loading a bunch of PDFs I would get the return to home screen error.  After editing the metadata in my PDFS this problem went away, not to mention the fact that editing the metadata lets you control how titles appear in your Nook. 


So what is metadata? 


A PDF's metadata are the bits of data that devices like the Nook read to figure out how to sort and display your PDF files.  Most commonly these appear as Titles, authors, keywords, etc.  This is completely different from the actual filename your computer uses to reference the PDF.  In order to edit metadata you must use a specific tool.


For those having PDF issues I would highly suggest using Google to find one of the many free and/or open source tools on the market. 


As with any 'fix' your mileage may vary, this solved my issues.



by gheid45 on ‎02-12-2010 10:46 AM

I sideloaded my update via my pc and had no problems at all. I am impressed with the increase in speed in turning pages, selecting titles, and in fact with the entire upgrade. No issues here.

by bbrooks762us on ‎02-12-2010 01:29 PM

Well, I've downloaded the update. I for one don't mind the new icons. However, since the "upgrade?" I am no longer able to access my files in the "My Documents" folder. My nook just goes to it's main page. I guess that's what you would call it. This is totally unacceptable. My son has had the same problem with his nook. Is this an issue for others as well? 

by tadawson on ‎02-12-2010 04:21 PM

Nope - works fine for me.  What kind of documents do you have in your "My Documents" area? I have about a dozen PDF files on mine, and they show up fine . . . 


Also, do you have a secondary SDHC memory card installed?  I have 8gb of stuff on mine, and it took the 1.2 update a while to plow through and index it all before it all was available . . .


- Tim


by Kiki56 on ‎02-12-2010 05:16 PM

I had no problem with downloading the v1.2 upgrade. It took about 10 minutes to download and upgrade my nook. I connect in through my WI-FI connection.


I have had no problems with it and I like the new touch screen icons. Now they actually look like buttons instead of images so I know what I'm pressing. The page turning seems faster and the battery seems to hold it's charge longer. All in all I'm impressed with my nook and the software upgrade process.


Maybe I'm just one of the "lucky" ones. People have to remember that this is cutting edge technology and there will be glitches. B&N is to be commended for addressing the issues as quickly as they have. Any new technology, like the nook, requires the users to have some patience as these issues are corrected

by AiRobotics on ‎02-14-2010 09:38 AM

So far I am happy with the 1.2 update. The things I am most interested in response of my nook has been greatly increased. I find that moving between menus are my faster, the "wake up" feature is much faster as well. I like that the book marking is fixed that was a major fix in my eyes. Icons & looks, meh, looks fine to me, I do like the bigger up and down arrow buttons when navigating the online book store. Over all good up date B&N.

by jdd on ‎02-14-2010 10:41 PM

I downloaded new version but it doubled the books in my library ie Dracula, etc., and I lost all my contacts and the audiobooks I had downloaded. I cannot find the audiobooks even though when I go to download them again I get a messaging telling me they are already in my nook. I tried replacing them but they still don't show up.  Also I saw comments re: new icons, etc., and I'm not seeing anything new.

by Cincidoug on ‎02-15-2010 11:35 AM

The update has brought some improvements.  My continued gripe is that I can not highlight and then make notes for that highlighted passage. Depending upon the book, making notes on the Nook is almost impossible. If it's a long book like the Bible it takes for ever just to highlight several sentences. Then if one tries to make a note, the Nook glitches out and sends you out of the book that you are reading back to their store or to the Daily page. This becomes an endless loop if one tries to repeat making a note. 


The B&N reader in my iPhone works 1000x's better. I have almost gone back to the iPhone just for this reason of the ability to easily make a highlight and then add a note.....


What is going on? Is it just me or do others have this same issue?