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How many Nora Roberts have you read?

To give you a definite number --- I have read 107 Nora Roberts books and 26 of J.D. Robb
books. You "might" say that I'm a fan!!
I have enjoyed every minute of reading her books. They have brought many hours of real enjoyment in my life.
I am truly amazed that she is able to write so many books. I recommend Nora Roberts to anyone who mentions that "I'm starting to read again now that I have more time". There are other writers that I enjoy very much, but Nora tops them all!!
I do also appreciate her "NR Guarantee" on the book covers. Saves me duplications, that's for sure.
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Re: How many Nora Roberts have you read?

I have read evey J.D. robb book is has wrote so far I just read Born In Death witch was great.As for her nora roberts books there are only a few i haven't read. Some I con't find so I would same she is one of the best autors i have read
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Re: How many Nora Roberts have you read?

I can't give you a definite number, but I've ready every single Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb book at least once ... In some cases, I've read them two and three times. In the case of Hidden Riches, I think I've read that book at least six times ...

I have read Nora Roberts for years starting with her Irish Thoroughbred book. As a matter of fact, she's the reason I started reading Romance.

I know most of her books follow a formula, but her characters are so well written, who cares!!!!
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Re: How many Nora Roberts have you read?

I honestly don't know how many NR books I've read...I've not gotten to the Robb ones yet though. I suppose I will have to pick one up...Which is the first or does it matter?
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Re: How many Nora Roberts have you read?

I'm proud to say that I have read ALL of her books! It's tough for me though, since I live here in the Philippines. I had a hard time finding her older books, the ones from Silhouette... but luckily, my bestfriend is there in the US and she was able to find the older books for me. I always watch out for new ones... I love ALL her books... I didn't get bored reading any of them. I just love her!
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