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B&N coupons

I get lots of B&N coupons for books and CD/DVDs and coffee which is great.


My question is though, when will they start having ebook coupons?


Be nice to see some 15-20% off coupons for ebooks every now and then.




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Re: B&N coupons

I'm not too concerned at the moment with getting coupons for ebooks.  I rather like the 9.99 and lower price point.  My concern is rather for the future.  If McMillan and other publishers (I just read about another today in the WSJ) get their way and the price point for ebooks is raised to 12.99 to 15.99 as they are saying (thanks Apple), will we then see coupons for ebooks coming from B&N?  And at that point, will we then see ebooks eligible for B&N membership discounts as well?  All questions we are just going to have to wait to see what the answer to them is.

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Re: B&N coupons

I don't think we will see them very much to be honest just because eBooks are already drastically discounted.  Most of the books on that first page of eBooks are between $5 and $10.  Try to find the 10 most popular books at a BN store for that price.  However, I follow the BN eBook twitter feed and they often have interesting things and I would assume would let you know when such a discount was available if it ever was.

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Re: B&N coupons

I wouldn't mind paying $14.99 for an e-Book. I have a Reader's Advantage card & most of the paper books I purchase discount to a little more than that, so in theory I'm still breaking even.


My fear is that eventually publishers are going to insist that retailers charge the same for an e-Book as for a paper book. If that happens, I hope B&N will offer discounts via coupons and also through Reader's Advantage and at the same discount offered for the equivalent paper book. In other words, if a new release is 30% off with the RA card, then the e-Book should also be offered at 30%. If a book is 20% or 10% or whatever, it's the same with the e-Book. 



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Re: B&N coupons

I agree with the sentiment here.  As long as e-books are priced low I don't mind not getting any additional discounts.  But if the publishers get their way and the price goes up, then I would hope that B&N will start allowing coupons and member discounts to be applied to e-books.

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Re: B&N coupons

[ Edited ]

Why should the prices go up? What overhead does the publisher have for an ebook? They dont need to buy paper or pay for the construction of the books. They dont need to pay for shipping or warehousing or any of that. ebooks *SHOULD* be cheaper.


Top that off with the fact that the ebooks are restricted with drm. With a paper book, you own it. You can do what you want with it, With an ebook you kinda rent it. You can't give it to someone else (yeah yeah lend me - 14 day rental *NOT* given)


And lastly, none of this money will go to the authors, which if it did, would make me less concerned about the increase.


What the increase will do is hurt the sales of the publishers that increase their books. And it will increase the illegal book sharing. All DRM is hackable, but it's not really worth it when the books are reasonable. Once they get overpriced the market will adjust.


I am a firm believer in the ability for companies to do what they want. I believe in free market. I also believe in the ability of the customer to vote with their feet, or pocket books as may be.


If we refuse to pay the higher prices the publushers will notice and and act accordingly.


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Re: B&N coupons

I agree wholeheartedly with EricWiz!


And honestly, why use the Nook to "shop" and not receive the occassional coupon for an ebook?  I get the annoying emails touting all the coupons and specials but none so far have been for ebooks.  Why not create a frequent shopper for ebooks program?