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Free or Inexpensive eBooks

I would love to have a thread where we list the great buys we find, whether they be free or just inexpensive (say less than $5.00).  I know you can sort the eBooks list on but that doesn't tell me if they are any good!  :smileytongue:  Please, don't just add free or cheap eBooks, add free or cheap eBooks that you personally recommend.


Hopefully we can get this made into a sticky so it's easy for people to add to.


I have two that I have added, these are all from


Spellbound by Nora Roberts $2.39


Naked in Death (In Death Series #1) by J.D. Robb $4.74


The King James Bible  $0.99


Remember, if someone recommend a good book at a great price, why not say "thank you" by giving them a laurel!


What is a laurel and how do I give one?

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