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Lock up and Look up - Both a problem

One of my first book purchases was a New King James version of the bible.  At first I just had problems finding a specific text.  Search was very slow and no provision that I could find to just enter book, chapter, verse.

Now, however, the Nook locks up at some point when I am trying to get into the book.  It either starts flashing "loading book" and it takes forever (ok, so 30 minutes was the longest I waited, but it still wasn't in, so I assumed the forever part), or it display the last read page, but will not accept any movement from that point.

Twice now, I have had to shut down to regain use of the Nook (the 20 second shut down, to a quick off).

Also when it locks up, the touch screen stays on - does not fade out as it normally should.

The book is unusable, but B&N has a no return policy for ebook.

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Re: Lock up and Look up - Both a problem

These kinds of problems often relate to how the book is formatted.  I've heard there are some badly done KJ bibles out there.  I can't remember which is good or bad though you may find some mentions elsewhere on this board.


B&N will return your money if they cannot get the book to behave properly on your nook.  They have done it for me.  Give them a chance to sort it out but if they can't they will refund the money.   Some support people can be jerks about this so just persist, ask to speak to a supervisor.   There is a difference between not liking the content, for which you do not get a refund and the book working defectively.


So call customer service.   Other possibilities are that the nook needs to be reset in some way but let them guide you.

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