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Nook back covers?

Ive seen on many different websites that the nook comes with interchangeable back covers. I know you can buy cases and faceplates separate but does the nook come with interchangeable back covers?


here's a link that shows what I'm talking about..


it says within the text " The back of the nook is also interchangeable and comes in a variety of colors allowing users to personalize the product according to their tastes." 

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Re: Nook back covers?

No, the nook does not come with interchangeable back covers.

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Re: Nook back covers?

Up until about 2 weeks ago, B&N had these alternate back covers listed for $19.95 each.  They were with the frames on the Nook page.  I was waiting until they were available for purchase, but they have since disappeared from the website.  Hopefully, they will re-add these to the site at a later date.

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Re: Nook back covers?

Actually there were different colored backs listed on the Accessories page.  They weren't available yet and were listed as "Coming Soon".  I think they were available for pre-orders.


But some time last week B&N took them off the website.  No one seems to know why.


I hope they bring them back because I want a pink back for my Nook.

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Re: Nook back covers?

I want the green cover

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Re: Nook back covers?

Some people speculated that, because some users were reporting the standard back cover had some discoloration issues, that the QC team is going to rework them?


Not sure if that is at all true?

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Re: Nook back covers?

There were back covers available in green, pink, orange, turquoise, and the original grey. They were available for pre order along with the nook last year. They have now been taken down (despite the fact that orders for them have not been cancelled). 


Here are some other threads about the issue, which no one from B&N has commented on thus far.

What happened to the colored battery cover backs?

Nook Rear Covers - Disappeared from the B&N website?

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